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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


 (photo is next to Sentinel Bridge, one of my painting spots)

Two or three weeks ago at night, hubby started looking for his cell phone.
Nowhere to be found! When I gave him a message the next day no one picked up. 
Then, I remembered that he couldn't find his phone the day before. 
What a hassle! That meant having to buy a new cell phone.

Before I opened up my blog, I read a story of by Patty Fisher 
about a year long pursuit finding the guy who hit and run Ashley Jackson with his BMW. 

She had taken of a day from studying for her exams and went bike riding with her friends. Her friend, a biotech engineer, made out the model and make of the car. 

Ashley was left with broken ribs and a brain injury. 
Since they lived in a small town, her friends started digging, they sent out several thousand fliers. May 5, the police found this BMW sitting in the garage, with a busted mirror, as described. Ashley is very slowly recuperating. 

Simple things like washing her hair is still a huge task, as her arm is still very weak. She is now able to open her left eye. What a determination!

This story tells about how fragile life is. 
How plans to finish college can change in a minute and one is faced with relearning the most simple daily tasks. 

Also, this story seemed to make the lost cell phone of hubby not even a blip on the screen of life!  And... I was wrong in my skepticism that anyone would return the cell phone.
The second time I wanted to leave a message, the person who found the phone picked  up, and they returned the phone to the store where they found it. It made me very happy that there are still honest people in Los Angeles!

Now I could see things even more in perspective, and like to cheer on all the Ashley's in the world who are determined to fight  taking one step more every day toward "normal" daily living!


Beth Niquette said...

Wow--that is an amazing story about your cell phone. And the good heartedness of the people who sought out the hit and run driver is encouraging. One gets the idea there are very few truly honest and kind people in the world these days.

Whitemist said...

I understand Ashley's quest very, very well!

Teresa said...

What a thoughtful - and thought provoking - post.

Rudee said...

I wish Ashley well. What a shame the man who hit her took no responsibility.

jeannette said...

At first I could not believe it, but when I realized there were not strings attached, I was joyful that there are still people who do the right thing:)

Yes, you are going through similar things -so I cheer you on as well!

When you hear or read about something changing one's life so enormously, it does not take long for priorities to be placed in the right!

Pretty sad when people think they can get away with anything:(

Rosie said...

Just shows how life can change in an instant - I hope Ashley can make a full recovery. How wonderful that your husband's phone was found and returned - it is good to know that most people still think of others and do the right thing:)

Pam said...

I believe there are more good people than bad but sadly we just don't hear about the 'good news'.
It isn't sensational enough...

Nice post, thank you Jeannette... have a delightful day :)

Clytie said...

Isn't it amazing how watching someone like Ashley trying to recover from such trauma can make our little problems seem just what they are -- annoyances?

And isn't it amazing that there really are good people in the world who do the right thing, and more importantly - teach their children to do the right thing?

thank you for this post! It makes me stop and think too.

NitWit1 said...

Just when we lose faith in our fellow human beings a giant steps forward to bolster our faith.

I have left my purse in a shopping cart on a WalMart parking lot more times than I can remember, and it has ALWAYS been turned in.

I finally changed my routine of unloading cart AFTER putting purse in cafr which seems to have rerouted my memory.

jeannette said...

It was a wake-up call that I have been so influenced by the brainwashing of the media that I did not believe someone would return a cell-phone!
Since Ashley is trying so hard, and she seems to have good friends I have high hopes she will at least be able to lead a normal life:)

It's a sad truth that if news is not sensational, it goes to the bottom of the pile. I hope very much that there are more good than bad people!
You're welcome, Pam - you have a good day too!

You're taking the words out of my mouth: annoyance! Yes, I agree that it starts with parents teaching children the right things to do...
(that's why I never accepted the slogan "boys will be boys" - because it makes for irresponsible male adults!!!)

Wow! - I'm glad you changed your habit in first taking care of your purse and then whatever you bought! I've left my purse a couple of times too(mostly at coffee shops or restaurants), but always missed it right away and retrieved it from the place where I left it LOL - I haven't found a solution for it yet...

Nora said...

What an interesting post. I was going to suggest you call the cell phone. Glad you did. It could have showed up anywhere.

crochet lady said...

Perspective is so important in how we view everything we see and come to know. Yet, how easy it is to forget. How often I find myself grumbling over silly things. Even though I've seen and experienced trauma with this life it is still easy to lose track of what's important and what isn't.

jeannette said...

Yeah, doing "anything" so we wouldn't have to buy a new cell phone!

I agree, to keep our priorities in life straight, IS a major deal!

Zuzana said...

When I am very sad and I feel almost unable to get up in the morning, I try hard to remember one single fact. I still have my good health and everyone I love are healthy too. In some way that is enough to realize how lucky I am. That always puts my life into perspective.
Lovely post.

jeannette said...

How blessed we are is often a matter of perspective, like you say! Hope that you will have many good mornings when waking up!

Betsy Grant said...

Thanks for sharing this story - especially the comment about keeping our perspective. It's easy to let things like a lost cell phone upset us, but it certainly is all relative isn't it?

jeannette said...

Sorry to get back so late, but I came back from a week's vacation (and slow to get into the computer things again!)