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Friday, July 23, 2010


The beach is a  special place to me with good memories. In my teen time, the beach was a real outing. At the beach we confessed our love for each other, hubby and I. Now I live close to the beach. I even paint at the beach sometimes. This is one of the more contemplative sides of summer than the previous post. This is a watercolor of my early period, like the Dance of Life is (posted on May 28, 2010),
full of symbols.
Each of the sun worshipers represent a different experience and life style.

The top figure allows herself to become drowsy by the heat of the sun and the sound of the waves.
The left person may sacrifice feelings for objectivity and performance (her sitting position is so appropriate). Though envied by many for her talents or wealth, she may feel constantly deprived and empty.
The position of the person on the right speaks of action. She busies her mind with one is "supposed" to do. One can "see through" her, because after activity has ceased, there is no self, but an outer shell.

© Life's A Beach, Watercolor, St.Germain

Sand is often seen as a symbol of the "passing of time." The sand and the water mingled by the force of the waves and the movement of ebb and flow.
The salt crystals on the watercolor as an indication of fossils and animal life.

Have you noticed a quilt pattern of colors as a background? It's purposefully done, to indicate that life is made of "pieces of life" sewn to each other to making it into a beautiful pattern.

Sometimes I have no idea what impact my painting will have on other people. I was at an art networking event, and a voice artist working in Disney Land asked what this painting meant. When I started telling him about the symbols, he wanted to hear more...and more. Finally after half an hour, curiously, because he looked very pale and stunned, I asked him if this made sense to him.
He hardly could bring out "I needed to hear this. It gives me a lot to think about." Since I had only met him for the first time, I didn't want to press any further. But it made my day that somehow my painting had helped him.


Char said...

thank you for visiting me today and introducing me to your world. i like the explanation (though the piece stands alone, which is great) - it gives substance and detail to the painting

Doowmée said...

Jeannette : In response to my mysterious heaven!
Painter to painter, here is my secret, take one of your paintings rather light shade, and then reworked in the negative, but shhh ...

A Lady's Life said...

lovely picture and well done:) I always love the beach. It is full of mystery and new things can be found at every dawn.

jeannette said...

Thank you - I found out by blogging, that it means more to people when I tell them what things inspired me to paint the subject...come back any time!

Ooooh, is that how you do it!Very clever, my friend! Hope you had a great weekend:)

Lady's Life,
Thank you! Yes, the beach is always a journey...and often we can take something home with us from the beach:)