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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Some time ago I was at a business/market place conference in Laguna Niguel, located next to Laguna Beach in California where the main street is full of art galleries. 
Had signed up to paint for the introductions of the businesses that were present. 
Expected at least ten other painters to show up, but surprisingly there was only one other painter. 
I painted not necessarily to make a sale, but more to show my work, and get my name out.
Since the recession is not over yet (not REALLY, last time I checked), I wanted to paint something encouraging. An image that would take people's minds off numbers crunching and negative predictions.
painting in process

In the painting it is the end of the day. That is why the faces of the friends of Jesus who were discussing the problem "where to get dinner in the middle of nowhere", were lighted by sunset. Their solution was to send the 5000 people away.
Somehow this ten year old boy must have heard about the problem.

We ran into a couple in the store while doing groceries. They invited us for lunch. She had once seen the painted flowers of my Celebrity Collection. Over lunch she asked what I was doing at the moment. I told her about this painting. She became very intrigued. Afterward, when we were on the way to the car, big rain drops started falling. But hubby was determined to show her  this painting which was in the car trunk. It was not much further developed than the sketch above.  She told him that she wanted to see it when it was done. 

© Little Boy's Lunch, 24 x 30 Oil, St.Germain

Do you know why she was so intrigued? She knew this story. 
This ten year old boy wanted to participate in the solution of the problem. In my imagination he tapped his finger on the back of one of the friends of the speaker, and gave what he had. His lunch was five loaves of bread and two fishes. 

Simple solution, isn't it?  You give what you have!
That is the focal point of this painting. As you may notice, everything else in the painting is sketchy and toned down.   His lunch multiplied, because ALL the people ate from it, and there was food left afterward.

The painting took long to finish. It was one of those paintings that everyone who saw it, had something (good) to say about it. Hubby brought it to the couple, and without thinking, she said that she wanted it, and bought it on the spot.  
I kinda gasped upon hearing that.


EG Wow said...

The story of the loaves and fishes is a great one and your painting tells the story so well. I'm not at all surprised that someone would want to purchase your work. :)

jeannette said...

I know it takes effort to boil down a story to one image, but this book has so many stories that are great to paint!

Jacob said...

Fascinating story and very fine painting...the image is clear yet full of mystery.

jeannette said...

Thank you! That is exactly the mood I wanted to achieve!

Dimple said...

Hi Jeanette,
I am not surprised, either, that someone wanted this painting. It is a wonderful visual of the story.

Thank you for visiting; I smiled when I read your comment--only an artist in paint would praise a color! Thank God for beautiful colors!
May God bless you today.


jeannette said...

I'm glad to make you smile - Colors are my addiction - that's why I love nature - such pure colors, and never clashing!

Jane@WildeThymeKnits said...

What a fabulous painting.....a wonderful interpretation of the biblical story! You have reminded me of the biblical watercolour I painted as a child and had forgotten long ago.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm finally back from my travels and inspired to discover a fellow global nomad.

jeannette said...

Am glad you like the painting - thank you! I'm looking forward to hear more about your travels this summer:)