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Friday, July 30, 2010


When I saw a FALL?? magazine in the store this week in the store, something like panic (little exaggerated:)   ) gripped me. Wasn't it just last week that I just had settled into thinking about summer clothes, food, and activities?  I can't even look at the Fall scarves, sweaters, and hats in a magazine, since I just put mine away...for a few months I hoped! 

For me palms are "the" sign of summer and warm weather, and the leaves look very green this year - I only like the dwarf ones, because the big tall ones shed their leaves when the wind is blowing hard, and can do a lot of damage. 

So, in case it turns cold next week, I better show you another comfy summer dress I got when I was in Solvang on the 4th of July. It has a batik print on it, which I adore. 
No high heels for me, Rudee:)

And a little prefect pic of hubby of a purple flower close to the entrance of our condo (which of course do not know the name of)

I love looking at the shadows of trees on the ground. Seeing this bench, reminds me on the looong summer evenings when we would hang out with our friends and talk and talk and talk! 
We did not have to put any light on till almost 10 o'clock in the evening - that's what I once in a while miss in California. Life at times goes too fast here. 



Twain12 said...

lovely pictures...i can hardly believe it is almost August

Stephanie V said...

I just love that bench photo. The atmosphere is soft, with the cool of shade on a hot day. I can imagine sitting there with the branches whispering over my head.

I hope that you get many wearings of that pretty dress. I had a mental 'huh!' too when I saw the Fall Knits mag. I looked, though.

BTW, I think your pretty blue flower is called Hebe.

The Mommy said...

No way! Summer just came yesterday.
My, how time flies when you are having fun. Love your pictures. Oh and a new background? Very cool. I was away from my blog for some time and didn't get a chance to visit very often. But, now I'm back, so I'll be seeing ya!

Nora said...

Does it ever become cold enough to wear sweaters in So. Cal.? Surely you can wear your summer clothes all year round? How cold does it get there anyway? It must be balmy compared to the weather over here. We think 69F is quite nice.

jeannette said...

Thank you! Of course I was exaggerating about Fall. At least in normal years I don't wear a heavier sweater till Xmas. We still could have a heat wave in California in Oct.!

Thank you! Forgot to tell you that I like your new blog look:)
Yeah, I looked in that Fall Knit magazine too, but I kept shaking my head, and thought "I don't wanna do this yet!" Am still thinking about lacey items:)

You with having two kids, I can imagine that they need all your time! Don't worry about it:)
Thanks - this is my summer blog look...and I'm not gonna change it for a few months, LOL!

The longer I live here, the thinner my blood becomes!
So yes, between Christmas and end of March I wear sweaters - it's different here though -the condo is much better insulated, so I only have worn the light sweaters in winter, and in the summer it doesn't get as hot -only had a couple of times my shorts on!

NitWit1 said...

Love the bench. Fall seems a long way off her. In Wal-Mart there is of course back to school items. but clothing is still very summer like.

NitWit1 said...

Fall is not much in evidence here except the school supplies inventory in stores. Clothing is still very much summer.

Clytie said...

The seasons go so much faster now ... back-to-school is being advertised all over here. Already!

I think I would like to sit on that bench in the shadows and contemplate this!

rainfield61 said...

I am not aware that summer is over.

I am having summer all the time.

ayamlin said...

I'm sorry to come over here late!
sounds fun spending time with your friends in Calfornia.
I've never been there.
but it must be a good place, right?
it's fun to talk with female friends with coffee or something.
Probably women like " SATC " because they can understand how fun you spend time with girl friends.

Zuzana said...

Yes, yes, I received all the fall fashion catalogs this week and when I went shopping with my mom, all the summer clothes were on sale and fall fashion has arrived. WAY too soon... The summer is always so short...
Love your dress.;)

jeannette said...

Nitwit1(both comments),
Yes, these nice comfy benches you see all around the valley of Yosemite National Park.
People in California dress how they want to, you may see sweaters and shorts at the same time. Back-to-school items I can understand, but Fall is not till a month after that!

back-co-school - are your kids still in school? I remember it was always a race to get everyone ready in time!

Wasn't sure it I still had to do something about linking the heart (cheesecake) but I figured that in that case you would ask me (I hope you would?)
I wonder if it would be less work for you if you would make it a meme? Decide what's best for you!:)

You're funny, Rainfield! California is supposed to be summer all the time (and it is, EXCEPT this year- we had so much rain), but still the Fall magazines are in our stores here too!

Nice that you could shop with your mom:). My mother was not interested in clothes, and I am super trendy!
So, your family is still where you life? Wishing you good times together!

Joanna said...

Hi, just wanted to say that the dress is very pretty. And very summery. Let's hope we have a few more weeks of summer weather. We've waited so long for it.

jeannette said...

Don't feel bad that you haven't been here, Ayamlin! Most of California is very different than people outside the country think it is (because of Hollywood and Disneyland).
Actually I find it harder to keep friends here, because they move away after a few years to another city, state, or even country! Maybe it also has to do with Los Angeles being a big city.

jeannette said...

I've worn this dress twice now!So I hope I can wear it a few more times, before I look ridiculous in it!
Yes, and it didn't seem that long ago that you came back from Mazatlan! When do you usually go back South - after Christmas, or before?