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Friday, August 20, 2010


Today we were running around in circles! 
Around 10:30 we came to the waterfall Bridal Veil Falls (pic above). The closer we came to the spot I had checked out the day before to paint, the harder the wind began to blow. This caused the spray of the waterfall to come in the direction where I would paint.
It's not just a few drops, but  like a light rain. Next year I'll have a rain poncho with me too, like I saw some others wearing ! I prayed that the wind would turn and the weather would warm up. Maybe you're surprised that a scientific person with a doctorate would pray for such things, but I know it works.
The pic above one can only take from the other side of the valley to see this waterfall without getting soaking wet.

  That straight part of stone on the left is the road!

First we went to the road where the cars drive, to take pics we never could take. This was the first time we saw  the water of Bridal Veil Falls come to the road!
Then we went to a place where I had seen a tree with an huge overhanging branch and made a value sketch and the beginning of a watercolor.
Three pm we went back to the third bridge at Bridal Veil Falls, because I knew that the wind had turned! Yay! It was still pretty cool when painting close to the water, but nothing compared to this morning.

I look pretty serious there, painting while sitting on my camping stool, but it's my utmost-concentration-face. At least my canvas and brushes were not as damp from the spray (oil paint does not do so well on a damp canvas, LOL) 

I choose this scene because the sun behind the trees gives on a hint of a stone wall behind there. One can only see this when the sun is shining on it after 3 pm. Earlier in the day, it looks like a totally different scene when the rocks behind the tree are in the shade. So, the painter needs several days to paint at a certain time to finish a painting.

This is the right part of the scene I'm painting.  Why, oh why, did I choose such a complicated scene to paint??

The "little somethin" today is if you see my partner in crime  sitting somewhere in this pic (above) reading? 

© 16 x 20, Oil, At the Third Bridge of Bridal Veil Falls, St.Germain 

I call it my 18th century painting, with all these details. Never painted so long on a smaller painting (smile)! I'm pretty satisfied, and  had it as my header for this blog for a few weeks. For now I'll leave it this way. Haven't decided yet whether I'll blur some of these details later.
What do you think?


Reader Wil said...

Hi Jeannette! Your canvas turned out to be excellent. The waterfall ia very impressive! I love falls for we havent't got any overhere, as you know.Have a great weekend!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have searched for and not found your partner - all I can say is 'well-camouflaged'!

rainfield61 said...

You start with a great waterfall, and end with a beautiful painting.

Stephanie V said...

What a beautiful place. I did manage (finally) to find your hidden partner. Great camouflage!

Painting from nature involves a lot of hard work, it seems, just trying to find the best place to paint from.

Nora said...

It's great, but I sure don't see your partner in crime on the photo. My eyes must not be so good or he is well camouflaged. You truly are a dedicated painter with all the patient waiting that you do. I would just take photographs and enlarge them and paint from them.

California Girl said...

Love this. Another beautiful painting.

NitWit1 said...

Love to read your reasoning behind your painting. It takes a dedicated person to get wet while persuing pleasure!

Rudee said...

I cannot for the life of me see your partner in crime. Maybe I should go back and look up, instead of down.

Rudee said...

Oh. Your painting is beautiful!

jeannette said...

my computer was kaput, so there was some delay in answering all of you!

Reader Wil,
Thank you -it was a great view-that helps! Because Holland is so flat, I love the mountains (and everything that comes with it!)

So sorry, you might find him when you click on the image to get a magnified view - and look up, not down:)

Thank you, Friend! Both are particularly close to my heart:)

Applause! Because you're the only one who found him:)
You're right - a good angle is half the painting!

Thank you, Friend! Don't know whether it's patience, or pure Dutch stubbornness:)

California Girl,
Thank you - this year I got lucky! (with painting plein air)

Thank you! people seem to like it when I explain why I'm going a certain direction in the painting...

Rudee 2x,
Thank you, Friend! Yeah, look again, by clicking on the image (for a magnified view:) One hint: partner is nor in the river (smile)