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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hubby is often a few steps ahead of me in getting the latest news. This time it was not any different, when I told him that a stack of glass plates were bought 10 years ago for 45 or 50 dollars by a carpenter. The latter tried to authenticate them, but had difficulty  to get people interested. 
Now, finally after 10 years they seem to be Ansel Adams, of all people! Ansel's grandson who runs the gallery doesn't think so, and if they are they would not be worth the 200 million, as the experts have valued them say, so the legal battle has begun!
Adams is known for his striking black and white photography of Yosemite National Park (although his color photos are striking as well!).

Photo from O'Keefe's and Ansel Adams' book (2008. Lynes, Pillips, and Woodward, Natural Affinities, N.Y., Little, Brown and Co.)

My thoughts went back to two of my clients. They were both in their teens, and I think they might have gone to the same high school, and found out they had therapy from the same therapist.  Some time after each of their therapy had  ended, they ran into each other, and somehow the subject came on Ansel Adams. They both jinxed in saying, "Jeannette!" and laughed.
One of the things clients, or patients often remember is the therapy room. I had a large poster of one of Ansel Adams' photography in my room.
As a side comment, I prefer my clients call me by my name instead of "doctor" because my title creates distance, and I have to work longer and harder to bridge the gap!

© Three Generations, Watercolor, St.Germain

Week after week, coming to the same room,  it becomes a safe womb. How comforting to stay there, because it's safe. No one can hurt you there (if it's a good therapist). You're not quite "born" yet, but still in contact with the world. 
The womb probably also comes to mind, because at the end August another little one will be added to our family. 

This watercolor of my early period and is also posted on my art website . I did the same scene in oil.
By the way, my older paintings are on the above website, and some of my newer ones 
on Art Notes.


Carolyn H said...

I like the photos I've seen that are in this controversy--whoever took them. It would be a shame to ignore good photos simply if they turn out not to be Ansel Adams.

Carolyn H.

jeannette said...

I've heard they are going to have a show of these photos in Fresno, CA I believe, in Oct.
So true, whose ever photos they are, they must be very good!

California Girl said...

I first heard about the glass slides two wks ago on NPR. I will be interested to hear what the decision is regarding authenticity & value.

Clytie said...

I have heard of this controversy ... I would love to see this collection in person - such beauty.

Speaking of beauty - your three generations picture is so very beautiful - I am moved almost to tears. Thank you for sharing it.

Stephanie V said...

Back when my ex and I were very young, Ansel Adams was one of his photography heroes. I haven't heard of this find...$200 million. Really? That's a lot of money!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with this, but if the plates in question were painted by Anselm Adams, that proves they're not genuine -- the photographer of Yosemite was ANSEL Adams, not Anselm.

Canadian Chickadee

Eki said...

I've heard about the finds but I wouldn't have known that Ansel Adams' grandsons did not believe the the finds were their granddad's works. Hmmm ... I think it's all about money ...

Rudee said...

I have got to start going to garage sales.

NitWit1 said...

Ansel Adam's B?W I've always admired as he really understood how to make the most of the medium.

Since I am a color person, it takes a lot for me to admire b/W, but his amaze me.

I guess where money comes in, anything including a grain of dirt can come into play.

jeannette said...

California Girl,
In any case it's nice for the one who bought them, that he finally (after 10 years) found experts to look at them!

I heard that there's going to be a show in Oct. in Fresno, CA - Don't know how far that is for you...
That's the biggest compliment you can give me about the painting, Clytie, thank you!

I smiled when you wrote "very young" - but you're still alive and kicking, 'cause otherwise you wouldn't be on this blog!:)
200 mill. is what the experts say - of course Ansel's grand son is contesting this!

So sorry, you caught MY mistake! Have to go back to the news to check the spelling of his name...
Bytheway, I was not able to go to your blog...

It would be an inconvenient truth to know that someone else has part of his grandfather's work - also it might be seen as the "competition" - you're probably close to it - all about money!

Ain't that the truth!:)

It's the same for me - in most cases I would choose color! But his angles are so striking!
Oh yeah, sigh, money is dirty:(

Gaston Studio said...

I have three Adam's prints that I bought years ago on the cheap when an office was closing down. I love them and wish I had more.

jeannette said...

My computor was broken - sorry,that's why I'm later with my reply - you would have a great time at the bookstore inside of Yosemite Nat. park, where they have a book with all of his (photos) prints from Yosemite.
Never know, you might visit CA one day:)