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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last half of August were an exhilirating whirl wind. Can't remember days with so many things happening since last year when we moved to the condo.
Yesterday we brought our son to the airport for his fourth year of teaching English in China. 

My son came back from China and was our first overnight guest, so we had to clean up and rearrange things for that room (read: TOO MANY paintings), as well as the small bathroom he would use. Hubby installed a huge mirror. When I asked why it was up to the ceiling, he responded that if he stands straight, he can't see his head to comb his hair. Since son is a few inches taller than hubby, I could see his point.

We chauffeured him to his friends, which we didn't mind, 'cause our kids have the habit to share their friends with us, so they become our friends too (very clever-they never lack for a ride. But it's okay:) ). Saw even some friends he had become good friends with in China.

Of course we traveled to mid California to meet son's two sibs and families. Also because middle daughter's due date for her second baby was supposed to be Aug. 24 - contractions, but no baby yet!

Great get-togethers. For a parent I think that the easiest time with adult children is when they are in their mid-twenties, because they already have gained some wisdom, but still have an easy time to change their ways .

In the first week son was here the computer gave up the ghost (bad motherboard) and supposedly to fix it would be more than buying a new one.
Sigh - even though we saw it coming, still don't like to spend the money on it. 

Now I'm faced with arm wrestling this animal, so I know how to subdue this beast! 
Haven't discovered yet how to load up pics to my posts from my computer, which is trying my patience, but hopefully it won't take weeks!!!Wish me luck, bloggie friends:)

In the coming days I'll also reply to all the comments you made while I was gone. It was nice to come home to a blog that was still running!


Sam Liu said...

It sounds like he had the most amazing time, and how wonderful to spend some time with family.

Good luck with your technology problems. It can be a real pain, I know from experience :)

Twain12 said...

wow lots going on, sorry to hear about your Puter though :(

Small City Scenes said...

So nice when your children come home for a visit and their friends become yours too. Mine are that way too---It keeps one young too.MB

Gaston Studio said...

Love the comment about kids in their 20s having gained some wisdom but are still evolving! Welcome back Jeannette.

VioletSky said...

I'm looking into getting a new computer... but the learning curve (and possible new problems) is a bit daunting!

I must say, I always envy the easy relationship some parents and adult children have (which, obviously, I never had). Best wished to daughter and new baby.

Nora said...

It must have been good to see your son again. I bet you don't see him often enough. I hope your daughter delivers her baby soon. Is it her first one? Those sometimes take a while. I like your coffee mugs.

jeannette said...

Hope he did - to live in different cultures is addicting (you probably know what that is like). Yeah, when you don't grow up with something like a computer, it's nice to know friends who do and want to help you.
Are you sure you are just fifteen?? You sound so grown up!

You're right! My life must have become boring, I used to be like a fish in water with so many activities:)- now I'm trying to catch my breath!

Small City Scenes,
So true -it keeps you in contact with the younger generation -that's very meaningful to me!
Thanks for the visit, btw:)

Thank you! Yes, I really prefer the twenties -when they're in their thirties they begin to think that they know it all (and you-parent know nothing, but I was the same way!) So, I hope to skip two of their decades till they realize that I know "some things"!

The trick is to bring someone knowledgeable in computer things with you to the store, and let him/her install all the things - I couldn't do it otherwise!!

I had the same experience(as you have) with my parents, that's why I vowed to do whatever it would take to have a relationship with my adult kids -it's still hard work though!

It's my daughter's second one -that's why I'm surprized (but it is a small baby, so maybe a blessing in disguise). My son we have seen once in two years. You understand, because you have the same with your daughter! How often do you see her?
thank you, did you read the text of the mug on the right?

midwesttomidlands said...

Good luck with your computer. they can be wonderful and wonderful frustrations too. Glad you had a great time with family, and have a great September.

jeannette said...

Jane (Midwest),
I'm seeing green with envy about your trip in Norway!!
But there's nothing that can replace family, especially when they live far away (like yours) - it often makes the heart grow fonder!
Yeah, it's best to make friends with this beast called Computer!