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Friday, August 27, 2010


 Maybe you remember...This is where last year my palette floated down the river, 
and people stood on this bridge trying to alert me...too late
This year, I would have stood in the water painting, and you can't see it from this angle, 
but on the far side of the bridge on top of that little wall, another painting spot of mine was flooded too.

A good vacation is always too short. For the last breakfast we made pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips. Then we cleaned up the cabin. I had organized the menu this week... but whenever we stay at higher altitudes we are never as hungry as in the valley. So half of the food we had bought, hubby had to carefully organize in our cooler to take back home.

Yay, this will save me a trip to the grocery store immediately after we would come home. Something I hate is being plunged into reality immediately! I like to savor the thoughts  and fragrance of pine trees, forest, waterfalls, mossy rocks the first days I'm back home.

More photosynthetic stuff? I know it's not baby breath, but it looks like it...and somebody must just have thrown a bucket with red paint on it...or?

So, here we leave...not such a long trip - 5 hours - and a great deal of the time we saw oleander in different colors blooming along the divider of the road. Bye Yosemite, bye greens, rocks, mountains and waterfalls, see ya next year.

The euphoria of vacation did not evaporate immediately. The second town (Coarsegold) we passed had a Saturday open air market, right on highway 41. We stopped and what did I see?

I could not pass up this sale.  Four strands of choice for 25 dollars. The strands range between 33 and 46 beads. I'm ecstatic! In Los Angeles I easily pay five times as much! City living is not all that...air pollution, noise of traffic, many things are more expensive, more crime, less relationships...can you see me eventually living in a cabin in the woods?


California Girl said...

Looks like a heavenly trip. I miss CA. wah!

LOVE the beads. They are gorgeous.

Clytie said...

I have been offline so much lately, it's taking me forever to get caught up on my reading.

So, I sat here reading back through your last few posts, and ... I feel refreshed! Like i've just gone on vacation myself! Thank you.

I LOVE those beads - they look like real natural stones? And the price is amazing.

I hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend.

NitWit1 said...

Yes, or at least a village? But your Yosemite trip is to be envied by those of us who are unable to accomplish it. Thanks for sharing the adventure.

crochet lady said...

I wouldn't mind living in a cabin in the woods.

That does sound like a good deal for the beads. Looks like some lovely stones. I really enjoy designing jewelry with natural stone and shell beads.

Gaston Studio said...

I can defnitely see you living in a cabin in the woods, with your easel set up on the porch.

Zuzana said...

Welcome back from vacation.;) Sounds like a beautiful place, judging from your words and photos.;)
I returned from my own travels recently and am trying to catch up with everyone.;)
LOVE your new header picture.;)

jeannette said...

California Girl,
Yeah, that's why I keep going back! So much material to paint! Sorry you can't be here!
Can't wait to do something with the beads:)

sorry you're so busy! Hope you soon will get more time to yourself! Am glad you caught some of the refreshment I feel when I am there:)
Looking at the price of these beads, it would be a surprise to me if they were real instead of being made up of dust particles of coral and jade.

If the village looks like Yosemite, I probably would give it a try (except for my childhood I've always lived in big cities)!
It's only five hours drive away from where I live:)

The beads look great, but I have my doubts if they're 100% authentic (because of the price)- but I like big natural stones:)

That looks like a very good scene you're describing, Jane! What about you -what would you like your scene to be?

Thank you dear friend! Hope to see some pics or Ireland on your blog:)
Thanks - it was a lucky close up shot of one of my roses last year.

Catching up after one is back, seems to take a long time!
And I keep wondering if I don't spend too much time on the computer...