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Sunday, August 01, 2010


This was the Saturday that we came from a week at Yosemite and Bass Lake and made our trip back to the Los Angeles area. The first town we passed was Oakhurst where we always do our groceries, and the second town was Coarsegold. The name already gives the clue that it was from the gold mining era. When driving by, I saw little booths, and remembered that they had market on Saturday morning. 
We first tried to park on the right side of the road, but got shoed away by a waitress, standing on the patio, when we parked in front of the restaurant. 
"Look", she said, lighting up a cigarette, "this is is a restaurant. If you come for the car show, you have to park in the back area."
She made a gesture to the streets behind her. 
"And you can't park across here either, because that's a Burger King's spot."
I don't like bossy people, so I responded to her with, "We are not coming for the car show", which was true.  I saw the booths, and my mind said, "Sales!"
I dreaded  looking  for a parking spot for a while, or would have to walk 20 min. 
"I knew that something was wrong with this empty parking spot", I mumbled. 

We then parked on the other side, and crossed the busy highway on foot. 
I decided to let go of my vindictive plot to walk back to the restaurant and tell the waitress, 
"Look, you didn't know that I was going to write a nice article about the restaurant in the paper, but now my article is going to be titled, "The restaurant that doesn't want your business" (sorry, I'm still not perfect).
We walked  past a few booths, and then I saw a classic car in the distance. 

Ooh, that's going to be a pic, I thought. And before we knew it, we walked into..."the car show!"

Maybe some of you remember that some of the women who were selling beauty products in the past decades drove a pink car ? Can't remember the name of the beauty product, or the decade.

One could tell that when we wanted to take a pic, a big smile came on the face of the owner of these cars. It was their pride and joy!

Never had seen an antique police car 

 This is my Favorite! 

All these cars reminded me on our previous neighborhood where there were a few men who were always working on their classic car in the evenings and on weekends. It always intrigued me. Also, I think it's very healthy to have a hobby  to immerse oneself in, next to one's job.
What is your hobby?

Mine is knitting, reading, traveling, hmm, that's first enough. Otherwise you'll think I never work:)


Diane AZ said...

Oh, I love that light purplish one!

That's funny how you ended up at the car show. Just a few days ago, I was at a huge car show in Connecticut. My daughter's in-laws are into classic cars. I'm not usually fond of crowds, but the cars and people were fascinating!

For hobbies, I like reading, blogging, quiltmaking and dabbling in various art forms.

Nora said...

My hobbies are reading, blogging, cats and dogs and clothes. Not necessarily in that order on any given day. I also like to talk about the weather, but I think that's Dutch, if not universal.

California Girl said...

Hi Jeannette! her name was Mary Kay and she drove a pink Cadillac and gave them to her top salespeople each year. They are still in business. I did a post on Cadillacs a few months back and referred to her in it.

Aren't the cars fabulous!

Rudee said...

Excellent photos, Jeanette.

I think you should write your restaurant review right here.

Ily said...

Beautiful cars, beautiful blog and if you like reading I recommend the Stieg Larsson's Millenium Trilogy. I'm starting his second book, The Girl Who Played With Fire, this evening.

My hobbies include art (mostly on paper, occasionally on canvas), playing keyboards, reading, blogging and dancing/singing. I also enjoy watching my son play ice hockey and spending time w/ my family.

PS - I also have a long and growing "bucket list." :)

jeannette said...

Yes, very classy isn't it? (quess you mean the 2nd one -in the shade it does look more purple, but in the sun it looks pink).
And fortunately California Girl has a better memory than I do - I was referring to Mary Kay people in their pink Cadillacs:)

Quilt making can be time consuming, isn't it? And we're not even talking about art! You must have quite a busy life:)

Did art fall in disgrace with you? Or, you're just not working on anything right now?
I think the Dutch use the weather to make contact with each other. Here it seems more varied.
In what ways are clothes your hobby? Dot you like to design, or go to fashion shows, or something like that?

I don't know if you can see "Project Runway" on TV (Heidi Klum hosts it)? It's a reality show about designing students vying for first place in the show where they designed all the clothes.

California Girl,
Am so glad that you have a better memory than I do! I should eat more bluberries, LOL Wow, Mary Kay "gave" the Cadillacs? That's quite a generous reward!
Yes, I think I saw your post, but don't thinkg I commented on it.

Thank you, Friend!
Yes, I should write that review! Later I was very puzzled about it. How do you get (potential) customers by sending them away? What if we wanted to come to the restaurant? That would have been an immediate turn-off...for me, at least.

jeannette said...

That's quite a list of hobbies! Guess I haven't seen much of your work yet:)
Bucketlist??? You have to be old for that, so you don't qualify:)...wait a few more decades with that!

Rosie said...

What super old cars - glad you finally got parked up and were able to see them. Hobbies - reading, walking, doing family history are the main ones:)

Joanna said...

Hi Jeanette, thanks for taking me on a car show tour. They're pretty but I think I like the top photo of the light on the grasses best. By the way, your rose photo header is stunning.

Merisi said...

That sure was an interesting Saturday market!
The waitress sounded like out of a Raymond Carver short story. ;-)

EG Wow said...

I love all these antique cars!

I'm glad you safely crossed the highway to get to the show.

Pam said...

Markets are fun to wander around, we enjoy going when its not so hot. The old cars are beautiful and great to look at.

Pietro said...

Very nice post, Jeannette. I like very much the old cars, they are so interesting!

jeannette said...

I've never seen it in Holland, but antique cars are a popular hobby here, they have clubs and shows here.
Doing family history I tried, but it seems a lot harder to live here, while all the info. is in Europe, so I gave up on it.

It's because I have a son -when he was elementary school age, he was interested in those things (old cars).
Thank you! - the header was taken by me (I think) and the photo of the weeds as well as the cars were taken by hubby.

Yes, very different from the markets you show on your blog:)
About the waitress - I guess I was so taken by surprise -in my world they are supposed by be nice and helpful!

EG Wow,
Having seen your blog, I can imagine you would like antigue cars.
More people had the same parking problem, so we all crossed at the same time! Thank you for thinking of my safety:)

I agree, when it's hot, I don't wander too long! The classic cars are pretty popular here, is that the same in Florida?

Thank you, Pietro!I wonder if these cars may be a family inheritance. They like to keep them nice and go to special places to get the right parts, and drive them a few times a year to keep them in shape.

crochet lady said...

I love classic cars. When I was a kid every year I went to the Iola car show with my brother, which is the biggest car show around, in my neck of the woods. I even spend one summer helping my brother restore a old Chevy truck, a mid 50's model, I think. It is good to have a hobby and the time spent restoring an object, especially when spent with a loved one is precious.