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Monday, August 23, 2010


A mom with three children does not have much time. 
A mom with three children with a husband commuting one to one an a half hour commute to work has even less time.time. 
A mom with three children, a commuting husband and being in graduate school has ZERO time.

That meant that we ate lots of pizza's and spaghetti during that time! Maybe that has set me up for loving Italian food? 
This tried and proven sauce, easy and in the budget of a student, is made in 5 min.
a jar of spaghetti sauce is added, LOL

Start with putting spaghetti in boiling water

Saute hamburger meat
add peeled and sliced carrots, when hamburger meat is almost done
Add sliced celery and a jar of (any kind) spaghetti sauce
Cover and simmer, about 5 min.

Presto, we can eat now!

Like to know what dish you make  when you have NO time? Well, let's say, you have half an hour time...


Stephanie V said...

I totally agree with the wonder of Italian food! When I was cooking for my kids, working and volunteering I was grateful for such healthy, tasty food that my kids would eat! For the record, their favorite was spaghetti carbonara. Their dad's was pizza :)

Reader Wil said...

Mums with three children get inventive. I was a mum with three children, my husband was a commuter and I was teaching. So I often cooked macaroni, which is easier to eat than spagetti, and I baked some small pieces of meat and vegetables together, or I cooked rice for two days. Well I was 40 then!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Interesting recipe. I have just tried today my first frittata - courgette and spring onion (scallions). I made tomato jam for the top and we ate half for tea - the rest we will eat cold tomorrow with salad.

Rosie said...

Like you our quick food is Italian food - tomatoe sauce with a few mushrooms or black olives in it over cooked pasta and topped with grated parmesan cheese. Macaroni cheese is a favourite too:)

Debbie said...

holy macaroni, whenever I try to boil spaghetti it always takes at least 15 minutes, even if the package says "7 minutes". And I can't peel and slice two carrots in 5 minutes without adding a peeled and sliced index finger!

Whitemist said...

We call it "Fred" in my house. No idea where the name came from, but is it good!