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Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Long time ago when I came to the US to start graduate school, I took some of the things from Holland I took with me. On the right is a bigger version of a Dutch cookie mold. It is used for the cookie on the left, which is called speculaas. It is often eaten around the day of Saint Nicolas Birthday (December 6). The saucer is from a delicate Japanese tea set someone gave me in the first year I was married.

First thought on putting this photo in photo shop, but decided not to do it, because most of it is already sepia.

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Lui said...

Its a nice warm color. The cookies must be special most especially if it is for Santa. Lucky fella!

Btw, I love to make salad using spaghetti noodles too from your previous post.

Zuzana said...

What a lovely sentimental memories from your youth.;) I think we all, that have ever relocated, carry such items with us.;)

Twain12 said...

lovely items and i'm very familiar with the cookie

Gaston Studio said...

What an incredible cookie mold! So lucky you've kept these wonderful momentos Jeannette.

Stephanie V said...

Very true about the moving homes. I have a cast-iron bang shaped like a dog that is always with me.

Thanks for sharing your special treasures and story. They make a beautiful photo.

Clytie said...

How wonderful to be able to bring these with you. They are gorgeous! And naturally sepia in color - wow. I agree, you absolutely did NOT need PS on this!

Your strawberry dessert hearts have been featured on today's Guest Heart Thursday! Come check it out!

Nora said...

When I lived in the Sates, I had many typical Dutch items. Now that I live in the Netherlands again, I don't have any. I left them all behind with my American ex husband. He appreciates them more than I do. It's all nostalgia for him. I don't have any typical American items either. I just live in a European apartment now, furnished by Ikea. The only thing that's different is that almost all of my books are in English.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love that cookie mould Jeannette - very Dutch.

Reader Wil said...

In Krimpen where I live, there is a French woodcutter. He makes many of these cookie moulds and sells them to souvenirshops.
Lovely photo Jeannette.

jeannette said...

Once a month I go to the Dutch store about 40 min. away to get the Dutch goodies where I still hang onto LOL -and I've noticed since living here that for the Dutch brown/sepia is a popular color.

People who have traveled much, like yourself, have certain things in common, like this:)

Do you like speculaas, or is it so-so? My daughter was 4 when we came here, and she's delighted when I bring her speculaas, hagelslag and drop (licorice)

Since you've traveled so much yourself, you know that some items get lost by shipping, or have to give them up - glad I still have these.

Thanks, Friend! Hope to see your little treasure sometime. I guess we all have our little momentos that we don't want to give up:)

Thank you for posting my dessert, but even more what you said about me - you are kind!
I'm nostalgic about the things I use daily (except for clothes), so I'm glad I kept these!

If I ever would move back to Holland (not much chance now my kids had families here) I probably would do the same LOL, although this generation here loves Ikea too.
Reading books is a good way to keep up your English!

Vicky said...

Late to the party as usual but here I am. We are rather poor at embracing the Dutch heritage in hubby's family. So this is really neat to see and I will share with him. We used to talk about traveling there someday. Thanks for sharing :)

jeannette said...

Since you just were in Holland, you should know:) You are an unusual farmers wife, being so well traveled, Weaver.

That's a great way to earn a living! Interesting that he is French!

There are special rules for moms:) Would be great to make that trip to Holl. one time, it will give you more understanding of the Dutch customs and traditions:)

Dick said...

Nog even en de Sinterklaas speculaas is er weer, de tijd vliegt. Leuk dat je die dingen nog hebt met herinneringen er bij.

jeannette said...

Here, we can get speculaas at the Dutch store all year long! I keep the memorabilia for my kids!