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Friday, October 01, 2010


Our friends from Holland (he) took a pic showing a reflection of the sun setting  on the tree trunks while on the grounds at the Ghetty Museum in Los Angeles. 
You might want to click on the image, if you like to see it enlarged:)

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MinnieRunner said...

That was a beautiful shot. I thought it was an edited picture.

jeannette said...

Thanks for visiting! One of my friends from Holland (I'm Dutch) took this one. They have a habit of loading their pics on my computer and leaving them on there:)

Anonymous said...

I truly love that evening glow! Twilight!

Sylvia K said...

What a gorgeous capture! Stunning colors and great reflections! Enjoy your weekend!


James said...

It's a wonderful shot! I've heard that The Getty is a great place to be at sunset.

EG Wow said...

I did enlarge it and I'm glad I did!

Marilyn said...

Wonderful light in this photo.
Thanks for visiting my Old Forest blog and leaving a comment, I have replied about the thermettes.
My other blog is My Magpie Collection.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful reflection Jeannette. I have always wanted to go to the Getty Museum. We visit family in the area sometimes, but just haave never made it there. so many places, so little time! Thanks for sharing.

jeannette said...

Went to your blog again (I've a short memory:) ) and I also love the hummingbird in action!

Thank you! I'll pass on the compliment to my friends.
How fun to be retired from teaching and still be able to do a lot!

As usual, the people who live closest to it, did not visit the Ghetty themselves, LOL. Maybe I get to go there when my brother from Holland visits in Nov.!

EG Wow,
I'm glad you did too:) This template doesn't lend itself for large pics...

I love your profile pic - did you paint that yourself? I'll go to your blog again:) and whenever convenient visit my second blag page ART NOTES

Guess what...our story is similar as mine! I didn't go myself, my friends went and left their pics on my computer:)

Carletta said...

He captured that beautiful evening light! A peaceful and serene time of day.

Thanks for your visit. :)

Marilyn said...

Hi Jeanette, yes my profile picture is from a pastel painting I did of myself. I don't have very much confidence in my art abilities so often too scared to give it a go! I have looked at your art blog and I am awed by all of your art. You are brilliant.

Karena said...

Jeannettte, I love the Getty, and this image is stunning! Thank you for sharing. So glad to find you!

Art by Karena

'Tsuki said...

Nice sunset color reflection on this building... Great idea, thanks for the sharing !

jeannette said...

Good I discovered his artistic eye -this friend I only knew for his computer abilities! It's fun to interact with you:)

If you can do what's on your profile pic, you have talent for design, and there's only one way to develop it, my dear: practice till you see cross-eyed:) and you'll surpass me!

Thank you for the "follow", friend! I'm going out of my way not to stay in the artsy realm, because if I do that, I'll scare my readers away (and my desire is to have a non-threatening way for them to learn more about art:) )

Stephanie V said...

That's a really beautiful photo...he's captured that golden on the trees perfectly.
BTW, I love the new header.

knittingdragonflies said...

Yay, great shot from your 150th follower!
I couldn't have planned that better!

Vagabonde said...

This picture almost looks like a painting. It is wonderful to be somewhere at the right time – and have a camera handy!

Nora said...

I never did go to the Getty when I lived down there. Isn't that silly? So many missed opportunities. Boring husband too.

Dick said...

Wonderful, I like the red glow.

Machelle Blankenship said...

Great Shots!

jeannette said...

I played a little in photoshop for the header (prepping for Christmas early - haha).
I'll pass on the compliment!

Yeah, too bad, you can only be once the 150th! As long as it's not 150 YEARS, we're both okay!

Thank you! the camera of this particular friend is like his right arm LOL

sorry - hope you can catch up now with the opportunities:)

First impression pics are often the best:) speciaal van het buitenland!

Thank you! When I saw your name I had to visit - it's so Dutch - it's hard to miss:)

Rebecca said...

It looks like a painting!

jeannette said...

Yeah, it kind of does, huh? It reminds me on that I saved these because of the trees!

A Lady's Life said...

That's a great shot. The lighting was just perfect.:)