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Friday, October 08, 2010



This is the Bridge  one can see from Old Town Sacramento. Need more photo skills to  get the perfect angle for the two pillars! But I thought it captures the mood of a stormy weather reflection. Believe it or not, past few days, in my neck of the woods California looked like this:)

In this closeup you can see what's in the water:)

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Stephanie V said...

I like the moody colors and the weight of the bridge structure. It all reflects the heavy weather perfectly.

Sylvia K said...

Looks moody like it looks here today!! Great reflection for the day! Have a wonderful weekend!


Rebecca said...

What a cool looks like it raises in the center?

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Nice photos of the bridge and the soft muted colors of reflection. Very interesting bridge structure.

Diane AZ said...

Charming bridge and reflections. In my area not many bridges have water under them. :)

jeannette said...

This bridge caught my eye the first time, when the yellow pillars were standing against almost a black sky (and I -of course-did not have my camera with me!)

A great way to get the "moodyness" out of one's system is to take a pic of it -you have a great weekend too:)

I don't know because I've never seen the bridge open for ships to come through. And since we had a squirly and inventive 3 year old with us, I didn't want to go on it:)

Thank you! The Seine is the river with many bridges (my son took a pic from the Eiffel tower of it:) ). did you mean to say on your blog that you now live in Paris?

I smiled at your comment -yes I can imagine that water in Arizona is scarce!
This is at the Old Town Harbor in Sacramento (have to look up which river this is...)

Betsy Grant said...

What a great metaphor. We are all reflections of each other, and have the capacity to be a bridge for understanding for each other as well (most especially the artist - through our art I think). Then life becomes expansive, and more than just about how great "I, he, or she" is.

rainfield61 said...

A nice bridge that lead us to another end.

Have a nice weekend.

Nora said...

Nice moody looking atmosphere, great bridge too. Wouldn't that be the Sacramento River?

Rudee said...

I love the bridge and the photos.

crochet lady said...

Great pic of a great bridge. My mother lived in Sacramento for her last two years of high school in the early 50's. It's nice to see a bit of the city that she may have seen.

Thanks for sharing.

jeannette said...

That's why I think the song of Simon and Garfunkel struck a chord in many with their song "bridge over troubled water." You have a poetic way of saying things, Betsy:)

That's why I love bridges -they lead us to the other shore!

I like the pillars, because it's unusual for them to be a bright yellow! Sacramento River...I dunno...still have to check:)

Thank you,friend -enjoy your weekend!

How coincidental about your mom! I don't know if the pillars of that bridge was there in the fifties...

Zuzana said...

Beautiful architecture of a bridge.;) Very European in a certain way.;) And the stormy weather gives it a more dramatic look.;)
In the water I think I see a boat, was I suppose to see something else?
Have a lovely weekend,

jeannette said...

Aaah, maybe that's why I like that bridge so much -it speaks to my European sense of style!
You saw it right - it's a boat:)
But the first time I looked at the pic, I couldn't make out what was in the water, so I made a blow up for the sake of everyone, LOL.
Enjoy your weekend!

Sar@h said...

Is that the bridge-lift ?
Nice capture

Pat Tillett said...

Great photos. I love old bridges (and all other things). It reminds me of the old Terminal Island drawbridge in Long Beach.
I'm liking what I see here and if you don't mind, I'm gonna tag along.
Patrick Tillett, Extremely Overdue

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Simon and Garfunkle does come to mind. Lovely picture. From looking at the skies it could be taken any where.

cieldequimper said...

And it's sunny in Paris (or was, it's dark now!) That's a lovely pair of shots which you could like to Sunday Bridges tomorrow!

EG Wow said...

This is such a handsome bridge! The closeup is stunning.

DawnTreader said...

Nice bridge. I can't make out what that thing in the water is, though.

About my own weekend reflections (thanks for visiting) - I don't think I even knew this meme existed, I've never taken part in it and did not have it in mind when I did my post...

Evelyn said...

Wow, a 2 tier bridge? I like the second photo.

Ebie said...

Wow! The clouds added a subtle mood of the shot. I have never seen this type of a bridge here.Love the first photo.

jeannette said...

Sorry I don't know:) and wish I could tell you more about it! Thanks for vising!

We have that in common. In Holland, my country of origin, they have quite a few old bridges. Enjoy my blog anytime!

Also have a painting on my second blog page Art Notes, titled "Bridge over troubled Water." It's a different bridge than this on. Sure, it could be anywhere, yet an unusual sky for early Fall in California.

Sorry came to late to my computer today to participate in Sunday bridges.
I know ciel means sky, but wht does the second part of your blog name mean?

EG Wow,
Because you are mostly early for the weekend reflection, I hoped you would participate, because your pics are always amazing!
With enough pixels and photoshop, a magnification is a cinch:)

That thing in the water is a small engine powered weekend boat. There are so many memes, but it's asking too much time to participate in them all, if one also wants to write like I do:)

Thanks so much for visiting! Glad you like the close up of the bridge:)

thanks Ebie. Do you realized this is in Sacramento? I love it, because it's bright yellow!