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Monday, November 29, 2010


Why do I have these scarves on top of this post?  Because I just came back from a seven hour driving trip to the rest of the family. Both of these scarves went to a family member (both a different pattern - please click to enlarge). My latest obsession is scarves and other wraps with a lace pattern.
Eating and knitting took up most of my time from Wednesday to Sunday!
 10-year old grand daughter and I are knitting, but looks like something else is distracting us:)
Last year I taught her to knit, and she has been at it since!

Hubby had his birthday on Thanksgiving day.That happens every eleventh year I think.  A double special day, since he now can collect these little pieces of paper that says social security on it (smile).
My kids believe in eating adventures, and eating a lot!  So most of the time was spent with getting the ingredients and making it. This year it was Thai and Indonesian food (their initiative - I only help when we're getting in a time crunch). 
My secret opinion to you is that I like the home made smoked turkey of the thanksgiving meal the best.

Whew, November is a very busy month! My daughter, my brother, and hubby had their birthday. You know from my one of my previous post that my brother and wife from Holland visited us for two weeks. And right after that, I started on my Christmas gift list! Yay, I'm half way done with the last!

When I was trying on some clothes, I overheard some ladies in the next fitting rooms talking to each other about all the parties they were trying to find clothes for. In the city one could go to a party almost every day, beginning the first of December. In my mind I wished them good luck, 

(Suddenly candles were lit! I grabbed my camera in haste, and plop the light went out. There was that magical moment for kids of one to 66 when lighted candles are the only thing seen in the dark and the Happy Birthday song fills the air)

but for me, I have consistently try to cut out the parties to a minimum, so I have some breath left over, after an always busy November, to really enjoy the Christmas time.
I love celebrating the birthday of the Christ child,  giving presents, and all the cookies I get to eat (of course, made by other people - smile)
That's why December is even more important to me than November.


Pat Tillett said...

Great post!
I agree with you, it's just too darn busy this time of year!
Put me in a coma the day after halloween and wake me up the day after valentine's day!

jeannette said...

Great idea! But...then I would miss all the fun too! Guess there's no happy medium on this one for me:)
And they would forget to buy presents for you, Pat!

Rudee said...

I love the scarves, Jeannette. They're intricate and beautifully made.

***Icy BC said...

I also love to just knit scarves and hats..Yours are beautiful!

jeannette said...

Thank you! These patterns were actually easy (I do well with charts, LOL)

Icy BC
Oh yeah, hats have been my favorite thing to knit for a few years! Thanks for the visit!