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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Two rustic subjects that need to be shown big. This is a fountain at Old Town San Diego, although it's hard to see here (a small spout is my guess)...and I wonder if something is missing on top? For Watery Wednesday, hosted by 2sweetnsaxy, at

One of hubby's customers inherited this specific hammer from his father. The latter used  this one to dig for gold. The customer had no one to give it to, who would appreciate this.
During the time that hubby worked at this couple's house they became close, and he gave it  hubby as a present.
This painting brush I bought in Beijing, and it may be fox  or badger hair. I posted it before in 2009 with the skin of that particular animal.

Hosted by Mary T
Sepia Scenes:

The hammer is so much a part of his identity as a finished carpenter,
and the brush with my identity as a painter. 
What object would you identify yourself with?



Dianne said...

this creates a wonderful scene

I also really like the sky holes in your previous post - I learned a new term that I'll now use all the time :)

EG Wow said...

Interesting old fountain in San Diego. Do you think it's supposed to represent a pineapple or a pine cone?

The hammer is fascinating. I'm sure the square end and the round end have significance but I don't know what that might be as I have never looked for gold.

I can see why the paintbrush is important to you since you are a painter. My object is a camera. :)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Jeanette, what special treasures you have to share with us today! Way cool ... and so is your WW shot. Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello, and have a wonderful week!


Dianne said...

where did my comment from November come from!! I'm time travelling ;)

I love the hammers in sepia

Linnea said...

That's a funny looking fountain, but the water is really clear in it. Enjoy the rest of the week. Thanks for stopping by.

Leovi said...

I love the reflections in the water from this source.

Kerry said...

What cool, interesting tools. This makes me want to delve into John's tool box and take some pictures. I doubt that his are so interesting though.I need some gold-digging tools.

Cildemer said...

Very original fountain! The jet is missing, isn't it?
The hammer is unusual too!
I think I would identify myself with a garden fork;o)

Have a nice and happy day, Jeanette****

NatureFootstep said...

the fountain looks like a pineapple. :)

Icy BC-♫ said...

That's a unique water fountain, and very special tools!

jeannette said...

EG Wow,
Think the fountain is a pineapple since on the top those little things are sticking out. A pinecone comes out to a point.
Wish I knew more about the hammer and about gold digging -haven't had the time to do that yet (new subject for me, since I come from Holland, and there's no gold there:):) )

Oregon Gifts,
My daughters inspire me by the craziest things they post on Facebook (I'm not on there though)! Going with the flow of every day life...:)

Sorry to disappoint you, lol! What happened was that I posted that pic by accident in Nov. -then took it off - and finally found something else to post it with!

Yes, I think so too -it looks kind of funny in that it seems "unfinished" to me -and as a fountain one can hardly see the water spouting out of it from the top...

The clear water on the bottom is the only indication to me that it is indeed a fountain:) Thanks for stopping by!

Go ahead - something might be interesting to John because of the meaning of it! For Hubby it was because he was touched that the owner gave it as an "inheritance" (should add that to the post...)

Are you cracking a joke? Or is it really a garden tool? I thought it would have something to do with teaching... thanks, you have a great rest of the week too!

I think you are right (see comment to EG Wow), and also, now I think of it, because of the color it's painted in!

Thanks for visiting! For me, there are those in-between times of painting that I want to post something else than my paintings - otherwise people might think I have no life, lol!

Reader Wil said...

Beautiful fountain. Like a pineapple, I think. Do you also do sculptures? You are very artistic!

Irene said...

Nice post! Tanks for visiting ... Irene