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Friday, March 04, 2011


When I saw this, I felt, "how poetic."
And I stood there for a long time to enjoy the view of this still life.
One of the display rooms in the museum of Old Town San Diego
for Weekend Reflections, hosted by James at  

"Poetic" comes from poetry. Looking at the meaning of the word, "poetry" seems to have a more clear definition than the derivative "poetic." At least nowadays, it seems almost anything can be called poetic

This would be poetic to me, in a more traditional sense of the word,

This I might call poetic, for a sepia shot may represent a meaningful fragment of the past,

and  meaningful, because it tells me something about  the excitement and dreams of a child around Christmas

Even a wall can become poetic,  when a little fragile tree stands in front....*
the persistence to bloom in any circumstance!

Maybe anything meaningful can be called poetic?
Curious what are your thoughts are about "poetic"....


*Note: part of the wall in the Chinese Garden in Huntington Library Gardens.


NitWit1 said...

What little opinion I have is it is a word, the American English speaking people have added definitions or meanings like "wax poetic"; now where in the world did we come up with that phrase???? Certainly not waxing wood floors, like we did in my childhood!

Stephanie V said...

I think that poetic means something which touches my soul. It's when I respond in a different, deeper way to the arrangement of words, colors, images or sounds. Maybe there has to be an element of surprise, too. The ordinary made extraordinary.

Pat Tillett said...

I think most things can be poetic, it all depends on how it's presented and perceived!
Many great photos here! Thanks!

Leovi said...

Yes, this series is poetic, at the first light is delicious, the reflections on the table and the bottles are a soft play of light and shadow creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Greetings.

Sylvia K said...

I agree with Pat, I think most all things can be poetic depending on it's presented and perceived! Terrific captures. Have a lovely weekend!


Carletta said...

I agree with Pat and Sylvia on the presented and perceived notion. However, what one perceives as poetic doesn't mean someone else will too.
That said, I think the second and last images are very poetic. :)
All the images are lovely though!

stardust said...

If it appeals to my heart or emotion, it is poetic, to my mind, philosophical or scientific, but sometimes the latter, philosophy can be conveyed in poetic words.
All your images are poetic.

JM said...

Very nice set of poetic pics. The colours and atmosphere on the top shot are lovely and the kids look so cute.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

The light and reflections in that first photo are poetic. I have seen that a photo without comment by the author may be taken at face value only, but with words to place the relevance, the photo becomes poetic. Thank you for these lovely "poetic" messages.


Whitemist said...

I could not add anything to what has already been said, something that stirs the heart, makes us sing, takes our breathe away, all are poetic.

Gine said...

Scène intimiste ... j'aime beaucoup les tons chaleureux !

Sally in WA said...

Great shot at the museum! Perfect for Weekend Reflections. Have a great week.

Smilla said...

Ja "pünktlich" ist ein wahres deutsches Wort.... aber ich komme eigentlich aus dem Nachbarsland im Süden wo die Uhr auch eine grosse Rolle spielt! und wohne seit 7 Jahren in France....
Ich schreibe dir im Gegenzug auf Deutsch, da mein Englisch nach 34 Jahren ganz eingerostet ist. Verstehen geht besser!!
bin heute nur kurz auf deinem Blog, werde jedoch wieder kommen! Deine Fotos zu diesem Post sind wunderschön!!
Liebe Grüsse et à bientôt Brigitte

Dick said...

Poëtisch zou je inderdaad kunnen zeggen maar ook uitnodigend, en dan bedoel ik natuurlijk de eerste foto, heel mooi.

Rebecca said...

Never thought about the use of the word. Now I will.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful pictures -- poetic means to me that the picture or words make my spirit soar, whether through memories or longing.

On a prosaic note, your top pictures make me want to visit San Diego again ;>)

jeannette said...

Please tell me what "wax poetic" means...have no clue:)

You added something new to poetic or me- I like that: the ordinaire made extraodinaire!

presented and perceived -yes! A great way of looking at it!

True and well said -The light can make something what would be bare or minimal poetic!

Always nice to have your comment -hope you had a good weekend:)

So true -we all perceive things in our own way-thanks for your contribution:)

That's one of the reasons why I like philosophy in my twenties -philosophers are generally great poets too:)

Thank you, JM! Of course these kids are cute-they're my grandkids (and you're the only one who probably had a sense of it, smile)

Since bloggers are coming from so many different corners of the world, it's nice what the context is of our pics, isn't it?

Well, you still added some words that had not been said yet, Joey! Thanks!

Help, my google translation does not translate the comments! So sorry -have no idea what you're saying -hope to find out later though...

jeannette said...

Sally in WA,
Indeed:) Hope you had a good weekend!

Oh, didn't know you were away from the German language that long -good, my German is weak, my Dutch slow, so we both speak English the best now:):) (Oh yes, I remember only a few French words -a Bientot aussi -doesn't mean I speak French, lol)

Thanks! Wordt het woord poetish in Nederland meer gebruikt dan vroeger?

I think that many of your photos are poetic (I'm not joking or giving you a play on words!)

The neat thing about San Diego is that it has so many quaint little corners in the city