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Monday, December 06, 2010

CROCKPOT - EASY DOES IT (Ratskeller Pork)

Not too long ago when my brother and wife from Holland were here, I was reminded on the convenience of this invention, when they looked at my dish in the crock pot and concluded, "We don't have that in Holland."

  To explain to people outside the USA: this is how it works: meat on the bottom, veggies and sauce on top, plug the cord into the electric socket, and voila, your dish is done between 6-8 hours.  

Great any time when you have too much to do in a day to watch the stove top or oven. So I used it very often during exam times. Since I went for a looooong time to school, I've collected quite a few crock pot recipes from here and there. One of my luthmus tests to keep a recipe is whether my kids would eat it or not:).
Now I still grab the crockpot on very busy days, or when I need to be out of the house the hours before dinner making time.  
photo of pre-digital era of the Manor  of Schilbach, Vogtland, South East Germany
This dish is undoubtedly of German origin, judging by its name. A literal translation of Ratskeller is a city hall cellar for (Beratung) advice/counsel.

I ate this dish in a restaurant in one of the annex buildings of the Manor Schilbach in Vogtland, a beautiful hilly area in  the South of former East Germany with our friends.
When hubby worked in Berlin heading a drug rehab center he came in contact with these people who became life long friends. Our friend is on the board of this manor which once belonged to a family. In the second World War the manor was dispossessed. After the war the family never claimed back their property!
Another time I'll show you some of the pics of the inside.
The crockpot dish is a lighter version of the dish I ate in the restaurant.

Ratskeller Pork

1 lb of pork steaks or chops  (actually any pork will do)     Saute pork  in oil on both sides in oil
1 tablespoon salad oil                                                           and place on bottom of crockpot

10 oz. can cream of asparagus soup                                  combine undiluted soup, green onions,
1 cup of chopped green onions (scallions)                          spices and water in small bowl
1 1/2 teaspoon salt (optional*)
1/2 tespoon pepper
1/4 cup of water

4-5 medium potatoes, sliced                                                Place potatoes on top of pork
6 cups of shredded green cabbage                                     Put cabbage on top of potatoes
                                                                                            Then pour soup mix over cabbage
                                                                                             Put crockpot on low for 5-6 hours                                                                                                 
1/2 cup light cream (or coffee cream)                                  Change setting to "high" when
                                                                                             potatoes  are done and pour cream                                                                                                                  over dish for 20-30 minutes.                                                                               
My comfort meal on rainy and snowy cold days!
What is yours?

* If you put salt and pepper on your meat while sauteeing, 1/2 teaspoon of salt would be enough*


Twain12 said...

sounds delicious , will have to try it

Gaston Studio said...

One of the best inventions in the universe! My crockpot gets a workout from November until early April!

Chez Madeleine said...

Voici un plat bien consistant !

Vicky said...

Sounds like something my dad would have eaten while growing up! I certainly think I would enjoy it, but the kiddos? Hmmm, we'll find out. Thanks for sharing!

Nora said...

It sounds like a delicious dish. I don't know if we have any crock pots here. I wonder if a petroleum stel would do.

Rudee said...

THis is definitely one dish I'll try. I don't use my crockpot as often as I should. Too many mixed schedules here, but it does sound like a good solution to a weekend when I don't want to spend my time off in the kitchen.

Yesterday I nursed along some beef stew on the stove top. It was pretty tasty and it's all gone now. I swear I'd made a lot for leftovers, but word got out that I was cooking and drew a crowd.

jeannette said...

Thinking about your background, I think you'ld like it (much better in winter than summer:) )

Yes, I'm with you:) Several dishes even taste better with the crockpot than on the stove top!

Chez Madeleine,
I understand everything till the word: you know a synonym of that word, or hope you can explain it (I don't want to miss anything you're saying ...thanks!)

Just don't tell 'em there's cabbage in it, LOL, maybe that works?

Yes, it probably would be a good substitute, Irene! You are inventive, as always:)

Maybe you should get some help in the department of cooking:)like you you cutting everything up, put it in the fridge the night before. Ask one of your household members to put what's in the bag in the crockpot, 7-8 hours before it should be done (and call from work to make sure the bag has reached its destination).
As to people eating left overs, I started putting signs on dishes, like "don't eat; for party, or for Tuesday dinner." It works!

Debbie Smith said...

I will have to try this while I'm here in Belgium. Lucky for us, they do sell crockpots in Belgium and received one for New Years last year.
Happy Holidays!

crochet lady said...

That sounds good.

My favorite comfort food is soup....almost any kind.

jeannette said...

Oh I have to tell that to my sister in laws -she wants one! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Long live soups and stews for the winter!

NitWit1 said...

It surely looks like a comfort food, but I wouls have to seriously have to substitute ingredients to fit it in my WW diet which I am struggling with. It is a new brand new program after 13 years working from memory the old one.

Cezar and Léia said...


I'm impressed here, you have so many talents, and now this fabulous meal! :)
Thanks so much for this interesting post and also for the Ratskeller pork hint.

EG Wow said...

I should get my crockpot out again. It really is an easy way to make dinner. :)

jeannette said...

You made me smile! Once you have kids paying attention to meals is survival if you want your kids to like eating at home:) (I hated cooking when I was a teen)

I agree, the meat and potatoes are the wrong combi for a diet! I myself lost weight on the Susanne Summers "diet" separate the protein (meat) from carbs, and potatoes is too dense of a veggie:(
Do/eat what's good for YOU!

EG Wow,
Saving time in Dec. is a good thing for most of us:)

Rebecca said...

Married into a German family and this is one meal I haven't had. I think I will introduce it sometime. Love the use of a crock pot too.

jeannette said...

If you like "normal" German food, you'ld like this! Viva la crockpot!