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What Will She Paint?

So many friends I met here...!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


NOTE: My Pic for Midweek Blues, Watery Wednesday, Sky Watch and Weekend Reflection is the painting above on my 2nd blog page Art Notes. Click on the Image if you like to see more pics of these wonderful memes, or leave a comment for me:)

 For Sepia Scenes,scroll down to the bottom of THIS post -thanks!

Some friends are like seasons. They are there for a certain period of time, and then I move away or they disappear from my life. Other friends are like a thread woven throughout my life. Even though I or they may have moved away,  we meet once a year, or every few years..
One party a year I won't miss is because of friends. It sometimes gives for interesting discussions when people's appearance change:)


He's showing me the yearbook compiled by the host, to prove I've known him all along, but in younger versions! In the earliest pic he looks 5-6 years old!. For me the best parties are where you don't have to dress up and where you are doing something fun, like making Christmas cards from a wood block.

What do friends do? Eat together! Believe me, in between the cutting of the linoleum (of the woodblock) you need a break! or two, or three...

Here is a cut  woodblock which will be printed to a Christmas card (last year I showed it on my blog Art Notes). They put some linoleum on it so it is not so hard on the hands:)

Anyone can participate, young or old, artistic or not, because someone will help you. There are books with examples and designs. But Miss Independent has to have her own design.

I already made an outline here...

 I'm more shy in the technical part of the process. I need a "test print". This means that hubby comes to the rescue and puts paint on the block with a roller. 

 This sepia pic is in honor of hubby who "retired" on Thanksgiving,
his birthday, from carpentry and now gets to do the fun stuff
For other sepia scenes (111), click on, hosted by Mary T.

The  wood block is put on a piece of paper (face down) and hubby hammers lightly on the block. This puts the paint on the paper underneath - my test print - and  I can see which parts I still need to work on! It shows that I'm only half way!!



Rudee said...

Your varied artistic endeavors never cease to amaze me.

I love the thought that some friends are like a thread woven throughout your life. Those would be the precious ones.

James said...

I bet people save the Christmas cards that they get from you. Your friends are fortunate. :)

crochet lady said...

Wow that seems like quite a project. It's fun to do something you enjoy and I'm sure people will be blessed by your creative effort.

NitWit1 said...

I have had a few friends that last until death do us part. One a few years back died before I made a trip back to South Carolina. She was a military wife with whom we somehow just connected. She, with three children, and worked wherever she could get a job, usually some menial job at a school, and I the professional with no childen. Both of us religious but in very different Protestant churches still had similar core principles. Out husbands were friends, mine non-drinking, hers, alcoholic until until he got out of service. I would probably been alchoholic too if I had to serve three tours of duties in Vietnam.

My other friend from the second grade has Alzheimers and doesn't know me. Although sad to me, she still is vivid in my memory.

Vicki Lane said...

I used to make lino block print Christmas cards but it's been years and years -- must try it again.

Love your waterfall watercolor!

Reader Wil said...

Making X-mas cards together is a wonderful thing to do. I used to cut all my cards in linoleum and paint them with a roller. All three birth announcement cards of my children and one of a nephew and Christmas cards too.

jeannette said...

Maybe I just have a lot of energy, LOL:) We should do our best to keep our life from being boring (haha)
Yes, good lasting friendships are a treasure!

Thank you James, that's a big compliment. If you send your address to me, I'll send you a card:) (only if it turned out well!) my email:

Knowing you like to make jewelry, I think you would like this too, and will be able to put a creative image on there:)

Thank you for sharing such personal experiences with me. About your last friend: how sad! You have only the past to go by...About your first friend -you probably were a real support to her -something she really needed.

Oh, you are a lady with several talents! I would like to try (eventually) a bigger block where I could put a whole scene on:)

If you get back into it, I hope you post it when you're done!

Vagabonde said...

Hello Jeanette – I have not been on your blog for a while – I went on a trip and I since I came back I have been trying to catch up with the more than 500 posts written on my friends’ blogs while I was away and I am slowly getting caught up. I did read all your posts and enjoyed them. I copied your Ratskeller Pork recipe and will try it for sure. I have never made cards with a lino blocks and look forward to looking at yours.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Thank you for your kind comment and offer on my blog for the loss of my half brother . . . I found that as soon as I posted that I wanted to distance myself from it - as if I were driving away from the post in a fast car to make it recede.... guess I'm in denial....or maybe I think since we didn't grow up together and we weren't close, I don't have a "right" to grieve? ...weird.

Appreciate you...

knitwit said...

Old friends are definitely a blessing. And congrats to your husband on his retirement!!

Eki said...

It looks like the Holiday Season is in full swing in your family. I like the cheerful atmosphere you showed in your pictures, and I particularly like that colorful ginger bread. It looks yummy!

jeannette said...

Wow, you are reading others' blog posts serious! Even after a week's trip I need some time to readjust to blogging - so kudos to you!
Before replying to your comment here I have gone to your blog a few times, and you have so many memories in detail I don't have. (I can see you write a book one day!)

sorry it took me a while to get back (wrapping packages:) ), but "I don't have the right to", or " I should get over it" and more of feelings we ought not/should not, etc. grieve is very common. But sadness is just as okay as laughing is. (especially when you are known to be a bubbly person, or you have to be "strong" for others). In case of suicide it is even much harder to validate our own feelings and have no guilt.
Going to the grave or doing something he would have liked to do, keeping one of his possessions all help "saying goodbye" to him. Take care, bloggie friend!

Thank you! I know for your hubby's profession retirement is a big deal. Not as much when it's a small company. And...he just started his own business (so he's not ready to retire, and I'm not ready for him to do that either:) - some people are happiest when they work and he's one of them!

Actually all my adult children are other-oriented people (I strongly believe one can raise their kids to become that way). Not that they never have a bad day, but it goes without saying for them that problems are there to be solved, and if you can't do it yourself you ask for help. Life is simple, if we want it to be;)