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Monday, December 13, 2010


Yesterday we went to the mall a block away to get a...
 Right! The most glaring, among the fact that still half of the decorations are missing,  is the lack of  a...tree topper. Really have to get used to change from a 7-foot Christmas tree to a 4-foot one! All of our decorations were too big, and the big star we have would look preposterous. 
So, happily we went, thinking we could find one in one of the three stores I selected.Not anything I liked...too much glitter, too ornate, too big for a little tree,,,so we came back with a copper pan. Sound familiar?

No, this Christmas tree will not have a pan as a "tophat", but it does mean we have to shop some more. This in turn will slow me down to finish my Christmas LIST (I usually throw away the HAVE TO's, but you wouldn't do it either if it pertained to the people closest to you (grimace).

I've been so bold as to display a painting on a show that was not finished, but I have to admit that I put a sign on it in big letters "IN PROCESS."
That painting got a lot of smiles.
Maybe because the painting was about Daniel in the Lion's Den. 
(also I was the main organizer, so I could get away with a few things).

Right now I'm working on this tower of Poinsettias and it is taking me a long time (because of all the details). 
 What else is unfinished? Oh yes, how could I forget...

this is the stole from a Vogue pattern I have been knitting since August. I hope to get it finished in the Spring, LOL!
A close up so you understand why it's taking a lot of patience. 
Also, when you click to enlarge you see "the life line." Something I learned from Rudee and Stephanie's blog -wished I had followed their way of working sooner than after ripping it out 8 times, because of dropping stitches!!
One good excuse is that before I read about it on their blogs, I had never heard of such a contraption.

But I end with something good, and that is
that I finished this small coffee table decoration!

Are you also (happily) scrambling for time, or is it just me?


rainfield61 said...

I like the painting, but it looks so great that I cannot know it is not finished.

Gaston Studio said...

Hope you find just the right topper for you smaller size tree Jeannette and I'm sure it'll be beautiful in time.
Love the poinsietta painting!
And yes, I think we're all scrambling a bit right about now.

Rudee said...

I love your little tree. I found a beautiful peacock ornament at Target that I clipped to the top of my tiny live tree. Small trees are liberating and take almost no space at all.

You are not the only one scrambling to finish.

The shawl is absolutely beautiful, Jeanette. Don't know what I'd do without the concept of the lifeline. I learned that trick while knitting a mystery shawl. It's so helpful to both the project, and your sanity.

DawnTreader said...

NO, it's just you! ;) (if you believe that you'll believe anything)

I don't have a lot of Christmas presents etc to buy but yes I do have that tendency to come home with something completely different than what I set out to look for.

Stephanie V said...

When you go shopping for a specific item, you have to buy something. Anything - even a copper pan!

I admire those poinsettias. The shading is quite beautiful.

Good luck with your lace knitting. The pattern is lovely.

EG Wow said...

The stole will be beautiful when it's finished. I've never heard of a life line in knitting before either but I can see it sure would help when following a complicated pattern.

Moving from a large to small tree is a hassle the first year...but definitely worth it in subsequent ones. :)

crochet lady said...

Love the colors and delicate pattern of the stole.

Diane AZ said...

Tee hee, many times I've gone to the market for milk and forgot to buy it. :D I love your poinsettias and stole in progress. A life-line for knitting sounds like a great idea.

fairy fantasy art said...

Its beautiful..Loved it!!

jeannette said...

Oh, now, that is a comment of a real friend! Thanks;)

Thank you...I hope so too, because went to two other stores, but no luck yet:( But I am VERY particular in certain things (sometimes I wish I was a little bit more easy going). But the painting is going the right direction!

Yeah -immediate gratification for sanity - I'ld go all for that!(smile)
Right now -I have no other choice than a small tree...

Have you noticed that it's more a tendency for women than for men (to come home with something else, when they can't find the desired object)?

Thank you friend! I am grateful - yours and Rudee's blog is more helpful than a knitting club -and much faster too:)

EG Wow,
I like to hear what you said about the tree - right now I'm still in the stage that it looks like a "toy" to me (because of the size):)
The stole is definitely worth it!

Yes, I love the stole too and I am (happily) paying for the yarn and the time invested;)

Thank you Diane! Good that we're not living in the same house -it would quickly turn into chaos, since I'm known for that too!

Fairy Fantasy,
Thank you for visiting my blog, and being so kind!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh you are a woman of my heart! You do all the things I love doing.
I started a similar pattern for a shawl and it's also great for a baby blanky.
The Poincettas are wonderful!! Very well done.!!:)