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Monday, January 31, 2011


 Maybe not many spend your day painting a canvas, but other things in my daily life we all have in common! For instance, where the Nutella is. 
First I'm making sure, everyone knows what Nutella is, because once we were looking in the store for it while we were in another part of the state. When we told the manager  we were looking for "Nutella", he had this blank look on his face.
I volunteered, "Nutella is chocolate." (Technically it's called hazelnut spread). When he directed us to the snacks, I told him that"It's not a snack,  you use it on bread.
I could tell he started getting nervous, when he started stroking his tie.
"Let me ask someone, okay."
When he came back, his face looked flushed. "Apparently, all my workers know what it is, except for me." When we got to the right place in the right isle, I showed it to him. "See? You should try it sometime..."

A box with small croissants sits on the dining table. Usually eat them with cheese, but I didn't feel like cheese yet. So I got the ingenious idea to make my own chocolate filled croissant with Nutella (so I could control the amount of sugar -haha).
In my house the Nutella belongs in the cupboard. I opened the door, but, no Nutella there.
Okay...maybe hubby forgot to put it back, and it's still on the kitchen table.
No...not there either.         Started thinking, hmmmm, what other place could it be?
Maybe in haste, hubby put it at the "old" place, which would be the pantry ? There's a glorious mess on the pantry shelves, but no, it did not appear.
I was disappointed, and tried talking myself into eating my croissant with something else that's sweet...maybe jelly?
The prospect of jelly on my croissant was not appealing at the moment.
Sigh, well then it HAS TO BE CHEESE. At least, that seemed reasonable.

But my taste buds didn't budge. They still kept talking to me about chocolate. After a lot of hemming and hawing, I finally picked up the cell phone.
I couldn't believe I was one of those weak wives who call their husbands for everything under the sun while they're working! Now I was one of "them"!!!
"Did you put Nutella on your sandwich?" was my introductory question.
The innocent lamb didn't know to which slaughter he was led.    "...yes...why are you asking?"
"Where did you leave the Nutella, sweetie?"      " I always leave it?"
"It's not there. I looked and looked again."   "Sorry, then I don't know."
I was disappointed that it now for sure it had to be CHEESE.

Later that afternoon, long after I had eaten the cheese croissant, I opened the microwave to make my coffee extra hot. I opened the door to put in my cup and there
I gulped, when the Nutella was staring me in the face like a lost puppy! One moment, I thought to still get my chocolate croissant, but I decided to be a big girl and could wait till the following day. The Nutella would still be there! Or?

Can't wait to hear how some little daily thing at your house traveled to a strange place....


Pat Tillett said...

That is so funny! Until I started blogging, I'd never even heard of Nutella. Now a year or so later, they sell it in my local market.
I'm still afraid....

jeannette said...

It's a product originally from tastes like a liquid chocolate spread with hazelnut - not too sweet though. Be courageous, and try it:):)

Dutchbaby said...

Een boterham met chocolade! Smullend!

Midwest to Midlands said...

You know I have never tried Nutella as much as I love chocolate. Glad you found it eventually without having to clean out the pantry:) I hope you have a croissant for tomorrow.

crochet lady said...

Oh gosh, I think I am going to have to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work tonight and get some Nutella.

I haven't had any for awhile and I kind of forgot how much I enjoy it and now I have a serious craving!

Stephanie V said...

It's marketed here as a very healthy food to give kids! But then so is chocolate milk. Nothing wrong with either idea.

I did giggle over the microwave 'cupboard'. That happens a lot around here. As long as no one turns it on, we're all safe. Enjoy the 'senior' moments :)

neetzy said...

I laughed at your Nutella story because my husband once placed his wallet in the microwave. We searched and searched and he finally resorted to cancelling his credit cards, ordering a new license etc. The next day I opened the microwave and there it was!

We love Nutella at our house. I usually cannot find it because the kids have eaten it!

Teresa said...

Never tried Nutella (but I have heard of it. Points for that? ;-).

I have a husband who leaves things in the weirdest places... then spends half the rest of his life looking for them! Men!

jeannette said...

Nog beter, met hagelslag (smile)!

You're right! I would have suffered through the day, as cleaning out my pantry would even be more "suffering"! Me thinks that you probably can get Nutella in the UK?

It can be real addicting, isn't it? (Like any other kind of chocolate -but as long as "they" say chocolate is healthy we're good to go!

Had to smile about your "senior moment" comment, because you must hear a lot of these kind of stories, working with seniors!

Oh my goodness! Oh, I just can see him calling to cancel all his credit cards - poor hubby of yours. So, did he "un"-cancel all his cards the next day?

If you want points, I'll give you points:):)
I'm beginning to wonder why it's the husbands who have that problem? Or, are women who do this too humbled to admit it?

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh yes, Jeannette, I could fill the page with them. About a month ago I lost my very favourite nail scissors - they never leave the bathroom, except they have done now and I cannot find them anuywhere. I know they will turn up somewhere one day (have just been to look in the microwave!)

Nora said...

Nutella happens to be my favorite treat. I always have a pot of it in the kitchen cupboard.

Reader Wil said...

Very funny story, Jeannette! My husband once put his car keys in the fridge, when we were about to go on a holiday.

Aruba said...

i love nutella too esp. during breakfast on my toasted bread...sad to say, i read online that it is not healthy..thinking now of will still continue eating it..nice post!

jeannette said...

You're so funny! Well...the microwave might be a good start..:):)

Oh, you too, huh! I can live without it, but not for long before chocolate -like cravings start!

Reader Wil,
O my, Wil, that must have been panic, right before leaving - hope you didn't miss a plane because of it (just kidding!).

There's so much going back and forth about what's healthy or not, that I have stopped listening!