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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


 Please scroll through the whole post for Midweek Blues and Watery Wednesday - thanks!

This last Fall after I had two hats knitted (my yearly stash for knitting hats for needy people in Northern regions anywhere on the globe) I got really distracted with related knitted things. In Sept. I finished the green scarf for my daughter in the Fall, and in Nov. I gave the creme one to my sis in law from Holland when she was here for a vacation.

The painting is as quirky as this poet is:) 24x24 Oil, St.Germain
 Midweek Blues is a cinch for me, because ultramarine blue is one of my fave colors to paint:)
 hosted by Rebecca at
When temps began to drop right before Christmas, I knitted a hat for this poet who inspired me to do this painting. She had lost a very good  job.  I discovered that she walked whenever she had to go  (in this area people don't walk  unless they don't have a car). Also heard through the grapevine that she was very discouraged, so I knitted a green hat to go with her green jacket and gave it anonymously with some other things. I saw her wear the hat 4 weeks in a row. I get a kick out of things like that:) 

Around Christmas two of my oldest grand kids stayed overnight. Last year I taught the 10 year old how to knit and she has been knitting ever since! I kept hearing that she was knitting things for other people. So I set her up with all the things to knit a hat with a circular needle. Showed her how to do it. Hope all the info "sticks":) 

After Christmas was over I realized there was not much time left and I had only knitted two hats, so for the past weeks the needles only were put down (little exaggerated) when cooking or sleeping. 
The charcoal cap with white rim is from Knit Simple (Holiday 2010). I used a much chunkier yarn and larger size circular needles than the pattern called for, so I had to do the decreases a few times over. 
Probably one more hat before I send it in the mail. At least six heads will be warm

The condo I live in is right by this water feature. When I open the door, sounds of water meet me. But since yesterday the sounds of my chimes are much louder than that of the water. All through the night I heard them, because a very icy wind (very unusual for California) has been has been, and is still blowing. Not a pleasant, but a very different distraction, as well as a new opportunity to add to, hosted by 2sweetnsaxy!



Luna Miranda said...

i love receiving gifts that were made by the giver--a truly thoughtful gesture.

EG Wow said...

I'm impressed that you knit hats for the needy! That's very generous of tou!

I like the fountain as it looks very natural.

jeannette said...

since you didn't read my blog when I gave the history of these hats - I started knitting them because my son who is used to Californian weather started teaching in N-China, so he was cold (even colder because in the apartments they leave the window open all winter long, because of the internet connection!!!).
My son met a 6 year old orphan without legs, begging for bread when my was waiting at the bus stop, so I made a hat for the orphan too. Ever since I've been knitting hats in Fall and winter for people who are homeless.

MarieElizabeth said...

Great hats - I bet your granddaughter will make some lovely ones too.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jeannette: What a neat post showing the nitting project and the wonderrful water feature. Love your colorful header.

Rudee said...

The hats are beautiful, but not as beautiful as your great big heart.

Love the painting!

Carolyn H said...

I just ordered yarn to start a new project. I think the ice storm gave me the impetus.

Carolyn H.

Short Poems said...

The hats are really beautiful :)

Clytie said...

I think Rudee said it the way it is - Your great big heart is so very beautiful! You are so very inspiring to me - and to so many other people. Love and Peace to you, my friend.

jeannette said...

Marie Elizabeth,
After a few sighs she'll try to convince me a few times that she can't do it, but then when she sees it a few times, a new hat knitter will be budding!

Fishing Guy,
Thanks! I need that header color in the winter from falling over and hibernating with the rest of the animal kingdom:)

Thank you:) I know someone else with a great big heart as a hospice nurse:)

Hope you show us our your project sometime:)

Short Poems,
Thank you! and thanks for visiting my blog:)

Don 't know if I deserve all that praise of you two - I figure, it's paying forward if I would ever be in dire straights:) is more cheerful when we do what we can to help each other:)

jeannette said...

EG Wow,
thank you, just went out of my front door to take the pic:)
I have everything I need...and more -it's an act of thankfulness for what I do have!

Evelyn said...

Wow, very nice hats indeed. You are very generous with your time and hats... I am sure the lady with your green hat must love it.

DUTA said...

Knitting hats and giving them away as gifts, is a great combination of creativity , generosity and charity.

In this way,doing for others, you make sure that God blesses you with whatever you need in life.

Webbloggirl said...

i wish i can do some knitting but got no time for ur knitted hats..

Nature's Beauty said...

what a talent you got..that watery scen is also lovely!

Midwest to Midlands said...

I love the picture of you and your grandaughter knitting together. You inspire me to want to crochet again.

jeannette said...

Oh, but I do the knitting when I'm watching TV, or waiting in line, anywhere, to fill up the time!

Nature's Beauty,
Thank you and also for visiting!

Jane (M),
Don't know if there are a lot of crocheters, but definitely knitters in the UK, because a lot of nice yarn comes from there!

Rebecca said...

You knit too! You must always have something going. I like your quirky stuff. Something resonates with me and the quirky!

Becky Chalet said...

Your kind hands have warmed a lot of souls and it is so nice to know that you have passed it on to the next generation. Thank you for visiting - indeed, English is so easy to them that were led in the right path. I'm sure your son is enjoying every minute of his life in China, to have stayed there four years.

jeannette said...

I'm not surprised you like quirky. When you have kids, it widens your horizon for miles (but mind shrunk after they got out of the house, LOL!)

"They" say that at my age there is that urgency to pass things on to the next generation:)
I really like what I saw when I went back to your blog again, especially the story telling at Christmas time!!

Anonymous said...

very nice watery image.

Betsy Grant said...

I love the painting of the person in the chair with all the pages reaching up to heaven. Your work is sooo expressive!

jeannette said...

Hope you saw that for this week I have an entry for Watery Wed. in the post above?

I "blame" it on the poet who sat in the chair -she really inspired me:)