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Monday, February 07, 2011


Please scroll down this post for Midweek Blues, Watery Wednesday, and Weekend Reflection - thanks:) 

This open gate  on the side of the house intrigued me because the outlining of the shadows. Pic was taken this summer, although yesterday it was 72 degr. F. To say with James from Newtowndailyphoto, "It's just WRONG to have such warm weather in winter."  Sorry James!
Life in the country I find  so much more open and inviting. Of course, they can because there is much less crime.

One of my adult children is going to move with her family to a bigger, better house, with their own yard, instead of living on someone else's land. But part of me will miss the romantic country views of the old one .
The condensation on the window is for Watery Wednesday no. 126, hosted by 2sweetnsaxy at

They did not have moving in mind when they made and planted the vegetable beds

I'm sure they miss the healthy eggs!The tiny blue streak of feathers  of the right one is for Midweek Blues, hosted by Rebecca at



Gaston Studio said...

Hope they will enjoy the new house and having their own yard. I love the photo of the chickens, especially the ones with blue feathers.

Rudee said...

I like the view from those paned windows.

DawnTreader said...

I like that picture of the hens, and also the one taken through the window.

Anonymous said...

I love that shot of the condensation on the windows. Love it!

EG Wow said...

The view through the window will be different...but your daughter will love being on her own land. :)

Carletta said...

The window shot is lovely looking from the inside out.
I am really liking the image of the chickens. Must be the country girl in me. :)
I do find their feathers to be really pretty.

Judy said...

That is a lot of condensation for one window! It does change the scenery, though!

SouthernSass said...

Great shots!! I bet they will miss the country - I sure do!

jeannette said...

I'm sure the parents will enjoy their new house! But the little boy will miss feeding the chickens:)

Yeah, much better than a street, like my view!

Since I live in the city, I treasure any greenery!

Especially done for Watery Wednesday! And I guess some pleasant childhood memories:)

EG Wow,
Yes, and so will my son-in-law, because he loves gardening:)

The chickens are the pets of the owners (and the egss are of course also nice!)

The old house is not very good insulated:) With two little ones it's really nice they'll be able to move!

Southern Sass,
They trade the romantic views of the country for more comfort in the house (better heating,much more room) - am glad I didn't have to make the decision:)

Ebie said...

That's a nice misty, frosty window shot!

Ms J, I will send you an email on how I edit my photos.

Luna Miranda said...

i love the condensation on the glass window. marvelous shots.

Midweek Blues

Watery Wednesday

Rebecca said...

I bet it would be hard to leave that environment, but one certainly understands their desires for something of their own.

Love the blue feathers, I have never seen one with blue before.

Y. Ikeda said...

72F! Not fair... I miss warm weather! Well, my favorite photo is the last one!! They look so healthy and lively:)

Cildemer said...

Beautiful set of pics! Love the hens;o)
Thanks for sharing;o)

Happy Wednesday****

Christie, Describe Happy said...

The watery design on the window is so pretty! And seeing your gardening and chicken photos is making me long for spring right now!! Very nice!

Stephanie V said...

I hope they can move their garden beds with them. They will fit into most yards. Too bad about the chickens and their eggs...those blue feathers are quite pretty.

Vernz said...

the glass window looks spooky...
Midweek Blues here

jeannette said...

I'm quite proud that I even thought about taking this shot, LOL! I'm mostly not that "with it" early morning:) Thanks for your email!

Thank you! You've been so faithful with these memes! Otherwise I wouldn't have "met" you:)

Now they have a newborn it wasn't that hard anymore to leave -in winter the house is extremely cold!! Yeah, the owners love their chickens.

Maybe it's because they're loved, that they look so healthy (I'm sure they'll get the best food too!)
Sorry, you'll have to wait some more for the waram weather!

Thank you, and you have a happy Wednesday too!
Since you probably have a busy job, I admire your skill of organization that it must take to post so regularly!

Always have loved condense on the windows (so I could make a drawing with my finger when I was a kid!) I can see you making a chicken-kind-of-quilt! (smile)

Since hubby helped with making them, he says they can (but I'll give 'em a phone call to make sure they do! - thanks!)

If this is spooky, I guess I like spooky:):)

Dianne said...

the mist on the windows is such an incredibly lovely shot

Linnea said...

What an awesome window shot...very creative. I'd love to have a view like that - mist and all! Thanks for stopping by at my WW. Enjoy the weekend...

JM said...

Love the second photo! Great header by the way.

Johnny Nutcase said...

agreed - country livin is the way to go :) Love the window shot and the veggie gardens !