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Friday, February 04, 2011


Finally after a year I'm starting to put things on the wall. Before I had a pic of each grand child individually, but now my wall space is limited, our daughters gave us a group pic of all the kids. 

The big standing lamp in the middle of the room highlighting the chandelier (that is halfway between the lamp and the wall) in the grandkids pic. The pics are only cropped and no editing is done to them.

I took a couple of shots to experiment

 Here both the photograph and the chandelier are blurred

Depending on where I stood one or the other is highlighted. 
For Weekend Reflections hosted by James at 

Which one do you like most?


James said...

That's really cool. I like to be able to see the different versions of the same shot.

Karena said...

How wonderful, I love it!!

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Art by Karena

Lesley said...

Interesting composition. I like the first one because the kids faces are so clear, but for an experimental shot, the second one where everything is floating is cool.

Sylvia K said...

Interesting reflections! It is fun to play with them, isn't it! I like the next to last one -- it does look like a picture within a picture, complete with a border! Hope you have a great weekend, Jeannette!


Pat Tillett said...

they are all really cool looking!
very nice...

Carletta said...

I love the first two.
What a lovely photo of the grandkids!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Really Rainey said...

What an interesting shot! I really like it.


'Tsuki said...

Well done ! My favourite is the first one : superposition of the reflection and the picture is relly perfect...

Jan said...

Jeanette, I couldn't locate any contact info, for you, so I'm answering your clock question here. The clock is 12x18x4 inches. Here's the link I used:

Jan said...

I like your many cool reflections.

DawnTreader said...

Spontaneously I like the first one best because you can see the people properly. But to illustrate some text of more mystical kind perhaps one of the others would be good. It depends...

Cildemer said...

Very nice reflections and a happy and cute family!
My favourite is the second pic!
Thanks for sharing, Jeanette;o)

Have a happy weekend****

Nora said...

I like the first photo because it shows your grandkids the best. I'm sure I would want to show of mine in the best possible way. You do have a nice bunch of them.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey there my friend. Happy Saturday. What a beautiful family photo. I've been trying to sell my home and took all the pictures down. I sure do miss them.

w/love and prayers

jeannette said...

Thank you:) it's in my nature to experiment!

Thanks. I looked at the giveaway - the jewelry of the give away is very classy! Love the work of this artist.

Yeah, it's hard to choose, eh?

Thank you, friend! Your wish for me comes timely, since I'm fighting back a cold!

jeannette said...

Thanks! Am still smiling at your rescue attempt:)

True -it depends on what one likes to highlight... Have a great Sunday!

Actually they are children of two of my daughters families (the two smallest ones of my middle adult daughter. Thanks for the vote:) Have a great Sunday!

Thank you for the vote of the first. They're all very lively and imaginative kids - too bad, they're 7 hours away!

Am I seeing it right -have you lost a lot of weight? Pray that your house sells soon and for a good price! Thanks for keeping in contact!

jeannette said...

Thanks for the vote:) I'm like you, like to look for subjects close to home!

Really Rainey,
Thank you and also for the visit! Will soon visit your blog:)

Thank you, friend! My attempt to go beyond the reflections of water in a body of water:)

Jan, 2x
Thank so much for the info of the clock -will definitely visit and look at the link!

EG Wow said...

I like them all, Jeannette, but I think I like the top one best.

Stephanie V said...

Interesting experiment with reflections. I actually think I like the last one best. Everything is so soft and I can just make out the faces - like a dream that evaporates when you wake up.

Rebecca said...

Pretty cool I like the way you are thinking! Cute kids too.

Dick said...

Ik vind ze allemaal mooi, de laatste heeft iets mysterieus en dat past natuurlijk goed bij je blog. Ja de laatste daar kies ik voor ondanks dat de gezichten onherkenbaar zijn.

jeannette said...

thanks for the vote:)

Dreaming fits with you:)

it's a very traditional group photo - so I'm glad I got some pazzaz with/in it:)

Thanks for the vote! Ik kan niet kiezen tussen the eerste, tweede en laatste!