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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Please scroll down for Midweek Blues  (pic 5) and Watery Wednesday (pic 7) - (click here to get back to meme)  thanks!

Two of our young friends (younger than our kids:) ) just married. Half a year ago they adopted us as parents, and they have thrown hundreds of questions at us. This was some of our advice (which would have been very different if we would just have been married a few years!).

After chemistry comes commitment
To stay friends through life

Promises made 

Promises kept 

It's more than romance

More than ambience 
the "right" job, dress, or make-up 

Can't eat cake everyday
some days it's stale bread

Some days there is no champagne or bubbles 
but if there's water you'll be okay!

to grow gray together and still be friends
is all that counts


Jim said...

Very well written, Jeannette. I like it. And the pictures fit so well also. Kudos to you.

I liked your fire exit post below. I would have loved to see the translation as they gave it. The printed English lines are bad enough. If a fire, then go (run away :).

Mrs. Jim and I were riding the Beijing Subway one evening and a couple of students latched on to us for the purpose of practicing their English on us. It was an interesting ride. The students did okay.

Nora said...

Some people find that impossible to do from the start. They're not very good marriage material.

Greyscale Territory said...

A beautiful way to blend two memes and give sound delightful advice for newly weds! Enjoyed the series of photos! The couple look great together!

NatureFootstep said...

not every day I am invited to champange. I hope the couple are happy.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

To me, the vows are the words to live by....this was a touching and incredible work for your post. Kudos!!!!

My Watery Link, if you'd care to visit is here:
Have a glorious day!

Dimple said...

Good advice, and good photos!

I like your header, it resembles a though-out floral arrangement...

jeannette said...

Thanks -everyone there wants to learn English, that's why my son always has a job, also plenty of tutoring jobs:)

Unfortunately that is the truth:(

Thank you! From what I've seen of them is that they have a good relationship and complement each other:)

Never did so many toasts as on this wedding (but it was fun)!

Thank you! I agree a vow is more than a promise!

Thank you! we found these seaweeds on the beach -that's why we took the pic -they look like flowers:)

hip-chick said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful words, beautiful couple

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Great advice Jeannette! I love it and the pictures. Sallie (and Bill) which seems appropriate for this post (53 years and counting -- most days ;>)

Alexandrea said...

Thanks for visiting my Lady Washington photos over at Celestial Navigation!! Your kind comments made my day. I'm so new to this blog thing, but starting to get the hang of it!!
What a fabulous little article this is!! AND SOOOO TRUE!! A couple more years and we are on our 25th anniversary!! We too, have a few young friends who have adopted us as parents. Don't you love it?? My husband adopted a couple like this when he was young and now he says it's so great to return the favor!! :)
Have a great day!!

Kerry said...

How lovely, such good advice. I can't take my eyes off those cupcakes...

Alexandrea said...

Since I'm so new to this, I'm not sure where to answer your I decided you'd see this first ;)
Saaaad that your sewing machine gave up on you!! That'd be a rough day for me, LOL!!
As far as machines, Vikings are good machines, but yes, expensive. I own Berninas. I have tried Viking, Pfaff, White, Singer, and Brother and none of them beat my good ol' workhorses of Berninas. I own a good middle-of-the-line model that suits my needs. I didn't want a combo embroidery and have a separate machine for embroidery. My machine DOES do blind hemming. There are also machines that do ONLY blind hemming. Yeah...always wanted one of those, but mine suffices fine :) I also have a serger, so I'll serge the edge and THEN blind hem something. The other machine does both at the same time. Niiiiiice!!
Hope that was somewhat helpful. Obviously I'm a little biased, but with sewing being my business for so many years...I know what I like and don't like. If you don't sew a lot, I'm sure you just need the basics.
Best of luck,
Your newest follower,
Alexandrea :D

~✿~Icy BC said...

Well said! May the rest of their life living in love, and happiness!

jeannette said...

thank you! has been a while that we were at a wedding:) and this was one with 2 big families:)

Oh yes, my table was almost next to it -thought it was very practical to have a small wedding cake and the rest cup cakes, since there were at least 200 at the reception.

Alexandrea 2 times,
Thank you SO MUCH! I knew I would get better info that a salesman -never heard of Berninas (I am originally from Holland), so I'm going to do some reseach.
Yes, we both love mentoring people.
Don't worry in a few months you know all the ins and outs for your blog:) I started Nov.08 (and loved it ever since) and even started an art blog -click on top of right side bar).

Icy BC,
Since I've been married for 39 years, so I know it's doable (and I'm such an easy going person either:) )

Cildemer said...

Great pics and very wise advice!
Your young friends look very nice:o)

Have a happy day, Jeannette****

jeannette said...

Thank you:) Have a great weekend, Friend!

Rebecca said...

A beautiful post and should by read by every bridge and groom. Lovely photos too.