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Friday, April 15, 2011


Sitting next to hubby while he was driving, gave me three reflections: in the window, in the outside mirror, and even a tiny one in the lock above the door handle
For Weekend Reflections, hosted by James

 For Skywatch
We weren't quite hungry yet, so we waited for the sunset! Seen at the parking lot at Chili's before we had a meal:)  Nine out of ten times I order Carribean salad with grilled chicken, and gooey molton chocolate cake with ice cream for desert. Have a great weekend, bloggie friends!


Debbie Smith said...

Great way to work up an appetite! Beautiful sunset!
Have a fabulous Friday!
Debbie's Travels

arabesque said...

i wish you a gr8 weekend too! ^0^

that's one creative reflection you got there and a beautiful sunset rendition.

Dutchbaby said...

I would have totally missed that last reflection on the door handle. Good one!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Heavenly sunset!!! That's my kind of diet -- save the calories for dessert ;>)

Rudee said...

You've put me in a reflective mood. If you hadn't pointed out the reflection in the lock, I wouldn't have noticed. You truly do have an artist's eye for things like this.

Stephanie V said...

Ok, now that is cool. Managing to get that lock reflection is super.
And I'm hoping for a lovely slow sunset like this before dinner tonight. It would be almost summery. Here, where we can't quite get the hang of spring!

Pat said...

These are both beautiful photos! I love how you caught three different reflections in one shot.

I'm especially partial to silhouettes against colorful sunsets, and so my favorite is the second photo. I love silhouetted palm trees--they're so elegant, tropical and dramatic!

'Tsuki said...

This reflection has something so strange, so distorted... That is probably why I like it so much.

jeannette said...

so true: A Sunset is a great appetizer!

Thank you, friend! Because the sun is shining here so often, a sunset is one of the easiest pics to take:):)

I missed that one almost too:) really enjoyed your posts about the art exhibit!

Thank you! Oh, you got my intention exactly, lol!

Thank you! I'm reflecting a lot in my job, so it might be an automatic thing I do:)

Not to give you the wrong impression, these pics were taken last year:) The reflection in the lock was one of those happy accidents!

You have summarized California in the word "dramatic" -everything here is dramatic (smile), but then I would avoid boredom at any cost!

Thank you! That comment can only come from an artistic person!

Sylvia K said...

I love your 3 for 1 reflections! And the one on the lock is one I'm afraid I would have missed! Gorgeous skies and really glorious way to end the day!! Hope you have a great weekend, Jeanette!!


BJ Roan said...

Lots of reflections! Nicely done!

Naturegirl said...

Great captures! Love the first..picture window!
Oh what I'd do for Molton Choc. cake right about now!!!

ayamlin said...

is this sky beautiful, or what???
oh!!! it's like a picture card!
Thank you for sharing us!
by the way do you eat seaweed?
we, Japanese, like eating seaweed.
it's very good!

and thank you for your kind words for me!!

Rajesh said...

Great shots. The last shot is awesome.

Malyss said...

I really like the double way you caught reflections .. it's like an echo of the view! great!

stardust said...

How clever to have captured three reflections in one image!

Sunset scene is awesome!

jeannette said...

My weekend: so far so good:) I almost missed the 3rd one myself too!

Thank you and also for visiting my blog:)

Thank you! Anything chocolate in a desert is good for me:)

Thank you! Yes, I like eating seeweed, but I ate it in Holland (the green kind that is salty):)

Thank you so much!

sometimes our camera treats us nicely:) Have a great Sunday!

It was one of those happy accidents:)

jane said...

beautiful! man! and that molton chocolate cake sounds seriously good!!

DawnTreader said...

A lovely skywatch photo!

knittingdragonflies said...

I really like the new header photo! I couldn't figure out what it was! *grin*
You have me in the mood to get my paints out again.

James said...

Thanks for the welcome and the warning. :)
The building looks very familiar, I probably drove past it several times over the years. You captured lots of great reflections and the sunset is beautiful!

jeannette said...

And I wish I could go through the computer to reach for your Starbucks right now :P

Thank you, friend!

it's seaweed washed up on the beach:)
When I have a period that I'm "out of the mood" I start painting/sketching one thing that I see around me - a chair, a coffee cup, a flower, etc. Wish you a good art week:)

Thank you! The car drove up to South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa/Newport You must already have started packing -good luck:)

My garden haven said...

I just read in your profile that you were living in Indonesia once. I've just got back from Bandung last night. Been there? Will be posting about my trip in travel-i-tales soon. I enjoyed Bali when I was there last year.

Cildemer said...

Great pics! Your sunset is fabulous!

Have a nice and happy week, Jeannette****

EG Wow said...

Very observant of you to see all three reflections. :) Gorgeous sky shot!

JM said...

Great entries on both memes.

Evee said...

the silhouette picture is beautiful! and the scenery in the second picture is amazing--it'd make a great for a great landscape piece! :)


jeannette said...

Thanks for the follow! I was born in Indonesia and my family left Soerabaja when I was 5 years old, and have not been back. I remembered my mother really liked Bali!

Thank you so much, and hope your week will be fabulous:)

Thank you!
Would be in trouble with art, if I weren't observant with my eyes:)

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting:) Very tricky to paint a sunset with the outline-edge of buildings, without it looking like a poster! Maybe (hope) once in the future...

Rebecca said...

That reflection shot is really cool.

Anonymous said...

What great shots! Love the colours in that last photo too.