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Thursday, June 16, 2011


For Sky Watch

While we were taking pics of blooming trees, we looked up at the sky...
we don't see many cloud formations here in California
so this was an unexpected surprise! 

But we do see a lot of sunsets here, 
and I never can get enough of them.



crochet lady said...

Beautiful sunset!

Max-e said...

Nice skywatch shots Jesh.
Your Nile Flower looks so friendly. We also have them in our garden, but we call them agapantus. They are endemic to the Eastern Cape and we often come across them in the wild.

Nora said...

I'm glad you didn't translate paardevlees, what would people have thought of us? Lol

Those are beautiful and unusual clouds, Jeannette, The sunset isn't half bad either. Do you get the morning overcast from the ocean?

fjällripan said...

Beautiful images of the sky! I cant get enough either, looking at the sky and the sunsets :) Great header by the way. Have a nice weekend!

Tina said...

Very beautiful! :)

VioletSky said...

The sunset is gorgeous, but those fanning clouds always intrigue and fascinate me whenever I see them.

Carletta said...

I looked at that easel and thought how lovely it was. Your husband made it - very nice work.
Your day sky reminds me of tractor tracks.
Lovely sunset!

jeannette said...

Thank you! Have a great weekend!

So many flowers in the wild in Africa, we have to pay for here! (like lipstick plant). Have to look at FB who you are:):)

Haha, ja, ze sijn hier niet gewend aan paardevlees:) In the morning it's June-gloom. This morning early it was raining!

Thanks for all the compliments! You have a nice weekend too:)

Thank you and also for visiting!

so true, intriguing!

Oh, you have great imagination about the clouds -didn't think about tractor tracks yet:)

Dutchbaby said...

Your husband built you a handsome, sturdy easel!

Gorgeous sunset!

Rudee said...

The photos are equally stunning.

Karen said...

Oh, that sunset is gorgeous.

NitWit1 said...

Clouds sunsets and foliage are a few of my favorite things.

rainfield61 said...

The sunset is beautiful.

jeannette said...

Yeah, European thoroughness! Even after living here for so many years, a sunset never ceases to be special to me;)

Thank you, friend!I always think that one pic is not enough!

Thank you so much! Also for visiting;)

Looking up at the sky frequently makes one breathe lighter (laughing).

Thank you, friend! How are things with you?

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulously sturdy easel!
Very jealous.
And splendid skies!

jeannette said...

Thank you Elizabeth!Do you paint???

Francisca said...

Two lovely skies, day and evening! [I've never understood the hang-up with paardevlees. ;-) ]

jeannette said...

Thanks, Francisca! You made me laugh:):) I forgot - what is the Dutch connection you have again?

Dick said...

Misschien niet veel mooie wolken maar wel veel zon. Ik denk dat de hollandse luchten wel heel anders zijn dan daar, nou ja jij kan het weten.

jeannette said...

Have to admit, I've become addicted to the sun! But once in a while I miss cloud formations:)

Francisca said...

@Jeanette, my surname is Dutch, my mother and step-father were Dutch and I am 3/8 Dutch by blood and probably much more by temperament. I can speak conversational Dutch and read newspaper level Dutch. More you can read on my "So where IS home?" tab on my blog. As my step father used to say, if you ain't Dutch, you ain't much! :-D