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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Thanks for hosting!

Love to start my day with a whole wheat bagel 
with Mozzarella cheese and prosciutto 


and any green tea I can get a hold of
this is my favorite tea - Oolong tea
the leaves inside of your cup 
is not as bothersome as coffee with grounds in one's cup:)

finding things to paint
 often requires a trip
short or long!


Next to roses, orchids are the second on the list 
to go looking in the jungle of Peru or Costa Rica 
for rare orchids speaks to me!

for Midweek Blues

 most of my meetings
having to do with my paintings
organizing and what have you,
are not more than an hour away.

For Watery Wednesday (water bottle on the right chair)

These  are my favorite weekly things to paint
 to make a concept clear to an audience,

such as a Supernatural Turn, 
as we all have since 2008!(left)

 getting you out of "going around in circles"
is to give out of our lack (middle)
-The Coin of the Widow-

then your destiny or journey  revived (right) 
- The Shunammite Woman  -
Not as simple as it sounds, but just to give you a caption.

- on one of the chairs is my bottle of water,
painting makes me thirsty:)



Shaista said...

Wow that bagel looks amazing!! And the Oolong even better :)
I have taken to drinking lots of herb teas too, but I never drink in such pretty glasses.

Betsy Grant said...

I like the statement "to give out of your lack". It suggests we all have something to give, and just need to become aware of it. Wonderful...

Arija said...

Could not find a comment box on your easel post. wouldn't you hit your head on the ceiling if you were painting at the top of an 8' painting? Great job though, wouldn't mind one of those myself although I have no ambition to tackle anything of that size anymore.

Kerry said...

The bagel and prosciutto looks sooo good, but the Oolong tea is a bit leafy for me (however it is very photogenic).

That easel is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I like your oil- and waterpaintings a lot; too the bagels I think :-D

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze said...

You are right. China is really great! - I love your paintings! LG Tina

Rebecca said...

I love seeing your work. And I love how you start the day too. I think I might start my day that way too, sounds yummy.

Dianne said...

the gallery shot is especially pretty

Luna Miranda said...

your bagel makes me hungry! and the orchid is incredible!

Nora said...

That bagel looks very good. Leave it to an American to have a breakfast like that. It's making me hungry just looking at it. I love Mozzarella cheese.

Kanak said...

What a beautiful blog! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leading me here.:) Love the images of your breakfast plate and green tea. That orchid is exotic!! I'll come and check your older posts...the blooms are very beautiful!

Clytie said...

I've heard of Oolong tea, but have yet to actually try it. I will have to do so now, you've made it look so inviting!

P.S. Your fountain heart was featured on this week's Guest Heart Thursday!

jeannette said...

Good to see you back here -and I'll visit you soon!These glasses were in a restaurant:)

Yes, the past few years we had to rearrange our thinking a bit, to see what is really important in the end:)

The pic of the easel is not a post, but a header -sorry. So true, if I would paint on an 8 foot canvas, I would have to move my easel to a warehouse or to my deck!

In general I don't like leaves floating around in my drink, but with this tea it somehow didn't bother me (maybe because the taste was so incredible.

Thank you, Friend! These are all oil paintings.

LG Tina,
Was surprized to see so many Dutch (I'm from Dutch origin) on vacation there.

Thank you Rebecca! Cereal is just too light for me-keep being hungry. Granted Dutch and German food is overall heavier.

Thank you! Not a very good pic, but that's all I had.

Luna Miranda,
Never knew about how good bagels taste till people started bringing them to work:)

A good substitue for een boterham met kaas en vlees, lol. Proscuitto is cured ham, but tastes a little lik paardevlees...

Thank you, Kanak! and also for visiting. Hope you'll come back here many times!

James said...

Very nice post! I like the way you start your day but I prefer coffee. :)

jeannette said...

I'm behind as always -but I replied to you featuring me - thanks so much!!

Thank you! I used to have coffee with breakfast, but I just drank too much coffee in a day back then -so now I only have one cup in the afternoon;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty yummy breakfast! I like your reflection shot, neat idea.

jeannette said...

Thank you, I'll pass it on to my Dutch friend (since I'm in the pic, I didn't take this one)!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'm with you on enjoying your day -- up to the part where you actually began to use your talent. You left me behind there ;>)...but it was fun sharing your day; thanks!!!!