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Monday, June 13, 2011


This is now into the second week that my lipstick plant is now full blooming profusely, as well as my two African Violets. Blogfriends have told me that the lipstick plant is also from Africa, and grows in the wild there.


Was worried, because last year the violets did not bloom at all. It must have been the shock of our move. This house has a lot less light than the previous one. Not as many blooms as before (this pic is from "before"), but hopefully that will come with time too.

Hurrah, on my deck, my Hydrangea started blooming  too. Nothing like before. Same story as with the violets, so I'll just have to pamper it so it will grow and bloom back as before.



The Weaver of Grass said...

Is your lovely header an agapanthus?

jeannette said...

I only know this plant as the Blue Nile plant. There is also a white version of it. Hope someone who reads it, will know:)

Pat Tillett said...

Very pretty photos!

Rudee said...

I really like that lipstick plant. The red is so pretty.

Nora said...

You are very lucky with your blossoming plants. I normally kill them. I have no success with them at all. I kill them with too much attention. I tried all of these, but had to throw them out. Now I have fake plants that I can't kill. It's much better that way.

jeannette said...

Thank you, dear friend!

Thank you, it brightens up my day:)

It took some serious coaching from my friends, lol! You are right, too much water will make the roots rot, so they won't last long then!