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Monday, September 26, 2011


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Still eat the rusk I used to eat in the Netherlands, but not with these sprinkles.
Cause these sprinkles say, "It's a girl!" and when you visit parents and baby,
you would get this rusk with your tea or coffee!
When it's a boy, the sprinkles are blue and white.

Which brush for this painting?
Hard to see, but the brush I'm holding in my left hand is RED

gazing at the post cards
of our family's travels this year

Taking a break by the pier

Subtle pillar reflections (for weekend reflections),
more visible when you embiggen the pic:) 

Who took a bite of the 7 layer dip while I was gone?

Usually my "day" is done after midnight.



The Weaver of Grass said...

I have been back twice to look at that seven layer dip - oh boy I do like the look of it. How would you make a seven layer dip please?

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lovely day! I'd have taken that bite if I were any closer!

Gattina said...

What a nice pier with a red building, that's quiet exceptional !

lina@home sweet home said...

Great shots!
Thanks for dropping

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I must admit, it's been way too long since I've gone to the coast here...and your beautiful photo of the pier makes me wanna hop in the car and drive .......

Loved the addition to your post about all the painting as I set up my easel occasionally myself.

My link: Baltimore Orioles

Do stop by if you can find time.

Happy Wednesday.

Rebecca said...

Oh goodness...I could never make it til after midnight! I love the rusk sprinkles for babies. So cute.

Anya said...

Lekker beschuit met muisjes
Ik vind het ook heerlijk.
Hollandser kan t niet ;)

Ik had ze gekocht toen Betsie bij ons kwam wonen toen had ik een kittenborrel hihi....

Fijne dag
knuffel van
Kareltje =^.^= en Betsie >^.^<

Steffi said...

Great photos of a lovely day!Have a nice weekend!

Betsy Grant said...

The rusk looks interesting. What are the pink sprinkles made of?

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very nice post.

Regards and best wishes

jeannette said...

Weaver of Grass,
Meanwhile we emailed each other:)

Oh, that 7-layer dip is not save with you? (smile)

Especially because that red building is a restaurant!

Thank so much and slso for your visit!

jeannette said...

Take that drive, it's worth it!

But I didn't tell you which time I get up:)

Very clever, Anya! Groetjes:)

Thanks! Of course, I don't go to the pier every day!:)

They are anise seeds, wrapped in a sweet coating -very tasty!

Thank you, and have a great weekend!

Reader Wil said...

We took Dutch rusks and aniseed comfits to Australia when my granddaughter was born. We took yellow with us because we didn't know whether it was going to be a girl or a boy.

clairz said...

What a beautifully illustrated day. Love the pier.

James said...

Sounds like a nice day to me! Great shots of the pier!

'Tsuki said...

I just love the picture of yourself painting... And Beach one are simply awesome !

NitWit1 said...

Good thing I wasn' near the dip or I would have been the guilty party.
Loved the pier. I lived near a jetty in Morocco that kind of reminds me of the same.
You have a busy day!

mick said...

Beach scenes are always my favorites and the two of the pier are just beautiful.

Stasha said...

You look lovely in this photo.

jeannette said...


Reader Wil,
Had no idea that they also have yellow ones! You can tell I wasn't there in a long time!

Glad you like it - of course I don't go to the beach every day!

Thank you -it's the Huntington Beach Pier:)

I take it that you love the beach?

Haha, that dip is a favorite of many -so I would have a hard time who the guilty one was!
You lived in Morroco? Hope you share with us on your blog about that sometime...

Thanks! When the kids were younger we went to the beach a lot!

Thanks, Stasha! That's a place where I spend many hours:)

♥~Judy~♥ said...

I confess, I did. It was just too hard to resist.

My daughter had a family together to announce the sex of the baby and she tricked us. She frosted the cake with blue icing but the inside was was a girl. I love mysteries and intrigue.

jeannette said...

I KNEW it was you:):)
So funny Judy, your daughter has a sense of humor! So, how long was that ago? (trying to find out if you're already a grand parent!)