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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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Scenic Sunday
Thanks to all the hosts!

For about half an hour at least, this cloud traveled at the same speed as we did on the freeway, so that's about 70 miles an hour. It appeared as though the cloud was traveling with us, because I kept seeing it out of right window! As you can see, it was a big cloud too (normal setting, no macro or resizing).

An intricate building on the corner, architectually based on Danish designs - a sigh of relief when I saw it, because I got lost walking with the crowds of tourists in Solvang on the 4th of July. I payed more attention to them than the street names, lol! But seeing this clock, I know I was close to the main road, where I had left hubby, reading a magazine in a coffee place.

Loved the detail of the window reflection
In linking to Weekend Reflection I mixed up my two blogs - sorry
but both pics are mine :)

On the way back to L.A. we heard the crashing of ocean blue
and gazed at the vast skies of the beautiful beaches of  Malibu.



Rebecca said...

The cloud story is very amusing.

Karen said...

Lovely shots! I think I would have stopped for a while and sat on the beach.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful sky. And I laughed at your joy in seeing the landmark building (which is beautiful). Because I can get lost in a broom closet I always orient myself to landmarks. (And nowdays, I've been very glad on more than one occasion that we each carry a cell phone.)

jeannette said...

It was kinda "alien?" Hubby always keeps me on the straight and narrow with his logic, before my imgaination start running away with me, lol!

Yes, the beach there is certainly worth it -and not too crowded:)

I mostly do too, but that day I forgot because of all the people...and of course I did not have my cell phone with me!!

Tanya said...

wow, that cloud is weird! love the ocean picture :)

Liz said...

Beautiful shots. Happy sky watching.

Liz @ A Simple Life

Pearl Maple said...

Great collection of images and how funny to have a cloud following you, nature has so many different moods to appreciate, can't wait till the weekend to get out and enjoy some of its best

LauraX said...

love that first photo especially...absolutely gorgeous! My word verification is "mistio":-)

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Nice photos, especially I like the first and last one.

Regards and best wishes

J Bar said...

Sydney - City and Suburbs

James said...

Nice photos! I like the bottom one best!

Nature Rambles said...

Love your photos! The reflection in the widow...fabulous!

Reader Wil said...

Lonely as a cloud.... Now I understand this poetical sentence better in : I wandered lonely as a cloud.

eileeninmd said...

Great series, funny that the cloud was following you. It is a pretty scene with the mountains and the cloud. Love the clock and the reflections in the window. Thanks for sharing. Happy Scenic Sunday!

JTG (Misalyn) said...

Beautiful series of shots. I often wonder how is it to feel the clouds especially when I see them big and puffy.

Thank you visiting Al Ain City Daily Photo's facebook page. Have a great start of a new week.

By the way, I saw some of your albums in FB. All I can say is wow! You are a great painter.

jeannette said...

I thought it was weird too:)

You too, and thanks for your visit!

Pear Maple,
It sounds like you don't see much of nature during the week?

How funny -sometimes those word verifications are right on!

Thanks, I thought you would like the first one -you go for the unusual:)

Thank you, Friend!

Thank you, there's so much to see here at the coast!

Nature Rambles,
Thank you! I only saw the reflection of the lights when I enlarged the pic!

Reader Wil,
Have to admit, I haven't heard the expression, or remember it...are you referring to something in Dutch?

I love buildings with clocks (I guess in Europe it's more common than here)!

Have thought the same about clouds:) Seeing someone's FB's page gives one another impression about the blogger.
Thanks about the paintings too:)