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Thursday, October 13, 2011


For Ruby Tuesday For Midweek Blues

A night reflection in the city of Nanchang, a city of 3-4 million (12 hrs. W. of Shanghai 
by train), where my son taught English in the past. Thanks to my jetlag, 
I began shooting pics out of this window of his apartment, 
because everyone else was asleep, and I was too tired 
to concentrate on reading or knitting:)

Showing mainland China through the eyes of the more well to do college graduates 
who have a job -they may have a job making breakfast in a hotel.No typos here! 
The needy of the US are still better fed than the poor there.

No provision for special needs children in the educational system - 
they are not educated but hidden. There are very few children's hospitals. 
Am not trying to make you feel sorry for them, but this is life here.

Foreigners, even without a college degree have the better jobs,

like teaching, and are paid better (doing the same job as a Chinese person).
Hubby and son are at the little marine blue breakfast stand downstairs 
to buy breakfast: yoghurt and sweet bread with a meat filling - delicious!

Pre-Olympic times. Amazed that even people whose house was the size of one room 
and had only communal bathrooms for a whole street block 
(no, they are not the needy!), try to have some kind of greenery.
Here you see a bean stalk climbing to the roof.
(These meter boxes are on the side walk of a busy road!)
It's not that these conditions don't exist in the US, 
but because the very large middle class here, 
there is  more chance for people to fulfill their dreams. 



Gattina said...

And Mao Tse Tung pretended that comunism is very good because then all people are equal and there would be no richs and poors ! What a sad joke !

Marie said...

You´ve captured a lot of red in your sorrounding. Pleae have a great RT.

Eden said...

Beautiful photos.

Kim, USA said...

I agree with Gattina. I like to go visit China and explore the landscape, the food, they have more exotic food that we can think of. ^_^

Market Colors

Jenny said...

Gorgeous! I have a friend who loves visiting China! I've never felt the desire to go, but your post might change my mind!

Rebecca said...

This is very interesting and educational.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Very interesting facts and photos about China. Thanks so much for sharing, Jeannette. :)

Pat Tillett said...

That is so interesting (also great photos). We really have made here in the west, that's for sure!

jeannette said...

I totally agree with you! Happy weekend:)

Yeah, I discovered it looking thru my files! No wonder, Chinese love red.

jeannette said...

Thank you, and also for visiting here:)

Yes! I love the different eggplant dishes they have.

I would never have gone, if it was not for visiting my son there:)

Glad you like the info.! Hope I'll never stop learning:)

Thank you! I never would have guessed this, if I wouldn't have gone there myself:)

On most things -yes! But we could improve on the drug problem and human trafficking! Heard that with the last one, the 5 is one of the routes to or from Oregon. Shocking eh? whenever I'm on that freeway now, I think about it.

NatureFootstep said...

love that night shot. :)

Martha Z said...

I do enjoy seeing urban lights reflected in night photos. It is a sight I rarely see as we avoid urban areas most of the time.
Few nations do as well with special ed as does the United States and I am grateful every day for the laws that mandate an appropriate education for the developmentally disabled. I have written several times on my about my severely disabled grandson. Without intensive therapy and family support he would never have made the progress he has, limited as it may be.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots! China is such a land of contrasts - modern and traditional. I lived there for three years back int he 80s.

jeannette said...

Thank you Friend! Really glad you started the water meme:)

Everyone should be received and respected at their own pace of development! It's great thing you are doing for your grandson!

Friko said...

I love the nighttime shot!

Stasha said...

These the are so different but tell a powerful story! Wonderful.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That's an amazing post. Beautiful picture (I hate to be thankful that you had insomnia, but...). And the bit of reminder of daily living there is certainly enough to make one thankful.