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Sunday, January 22, 2012


For Scenic Sunday    For Mellow Yellow Monday

 Even in Californian "winter" this one is budding with expectation 
just started opening up by my window. Any flower gives me JOY.

Am kind of a basket freak
Never can have enough of the texture, these colors 
and patterns of woven baskets 
I found at the Farmers Market.

Just looking at all the details of this tree trunk, gives me JOY, 
because I can see another painting coming...probably in pastel.
We saw a row of these, walking in Beijing.

Hope there are things that give you JOY...



young-eclectic-encounters said...

Great photos- seeing the beauty of this world from your eyes does indeed bring me joy.
I too have this thing about baskets- the colors and textures and use them all over my house for storage and organizing

beagleAnnie said...

All the pics are appealing to me.

Elizabeth said...

Flowers! Baskets!
You are my sort of gal!

Add dogs, lovely pottery and books.
All best wishes

Stephanie V said...

Trees are amazing in their textures and color variety. I agree about the baskets but I just admire rather than buy. I have enough! I like them so much I bought a book to learn how. It sits on my shelf. I've read it but the first steps of gathering the reeds is more than i want to tackle. I'll continue to admire.

Rudee said...

This is a good reminder for me to go through life with eyes wide open. I may even brave the bitterly cold to go out and photograph the hardy wildflowers that got snowed on yesterday. It's been unusually warm here up until the past couple of days and the plants were getting mixed signals from Mother Nature, then, Whammo! Snow and cold. Must go out and photograph the evidence!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Flowers give me joy too - especially those given to me as a gift, as the tulips were from my son and his wife today.

wifetoalineman02 said...

beautiful pictures, my fave is the yellow flower :-) visiting from MYM, hope that you can return the visit too.

Kim, USA said...

Love your pics. And I like that kind of tree too. I think it's Banyan tree.


NixBlog said...

Beautiful shots, especially of the yellow bud opening!

You may consider posting your flower photos on my Floral Friday Fotos meme:

Dianne said...

the flower is Joyful!!

Mrs.D said...

great composition...visiting from Mellow Yellow...followed you too on networkedblogs.

becca givens said...

The color yellow of the flower (and the flower) is gorgeous ... I am a sucker for baskets ... I have a collection displayed in my kitchen ... and what a magnificent guardian of a tree.

You might be interested in furthering Sunday Tree project -- nothing organized but a couple of bloggers are posting tree photos on Sundays ... Sunday Trees

Thanks for the visit and comment!

Esther Joy said...

I just did a post on joy! This must be for the letter J for Jenny's next Alphabe-Thursday!

I loved all your pictures, but the tree trunk picture was exceptionally unique.

jeannette said...

Yes, that's what got me started on the baskets too - for organizing purposes:)

Thank you Annie! Do you have that tree also in Japan?

The flowers and baskets maybe a women's thing? Or?

Know what you mean -you can only buy so many (baskets) -who knows on a rainy or snowy day you'll decide to give it a try!

I hope you give us "the evidence," Rudee:):)

I miss that European custom to come to someone's house with a bouquet of flowers!

Thanks so much and happy MYM!

Thank you! Wonder if it's a tropical tree, because I've never seen it!

Happy you like the flower bud! You'll see the link on Friday:)

Thank you, friend! Glad you like it:)

Thank you, I'll pass it on to hubby. Thanks for the follow on Networked Blogs:)

Thank you so much! Also for the info about Sunday Trees:)

Esther Joy,
Thank you! Isn't the tree amazing? And even more, your second name is joy;):)

Gemma Wiseman said...

Gorgeous weave of colours in those baskets! But the tree trunk wins me! As a child, I used to love looking at tree trunks and imagining faces in the textures or stories in the twists of trunks! And today, very little has changed! I am still drawn to their mystery!

Maria @ LSS said...

Wonderful photos. Happy RT!

Mine's here.


I always enjoy coming here to see what you have shared. Today, I especially like the colorful array of baskets.

My Tuesday post is: GOING BACK TO Houston, Houston, HOUSTON

Leah H. said...

Lovely flower. Beautiful yellows!

Visiting for Mellow Yellow Monday!

Hope you can stop by:)

chubskulit said...

Beautiful ruby captures!!

Rubies at my page, come and see when you get a chance.

Leah H. said...

Beautiful basket in different colors!

Visiting for Ruby Tuesday 2! Hope you can stop by:)

Roger Owen Green said...

a bright bunch of baskets

jeannette said...

Thank you, Friend! Just heard of Sunday Trees (see comment of Becca givens - above) - were you aware of that meme?

Thank you, Maria!

Thank you -that's kind of you:)

Thank you, have a great RT!

Leah H. 2 times,
Thank you! for Monday and Tuesday:) Happy RT too, to you!

Reader Wil said...

Beautiful bouquet, beautiful baskets, beautiful Bejing! On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, I thank you!

upinthecosmos said...

I love nature pictures but I absolutely love that tree! I would love to see it in person & just check it out for hours:-)

Sivinden said...

Very creative! - that's a fascinating tree.

Cat & Cricket said... your blog!
Your photos are outstanding!
funny thing is.."JOY" was one of the names my mother wanted to name me...and at this point in my life.. that is what I am searching for!
Cricket @ Gypsea Nurse

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Love your composition of the flower photo. I have a basket of the kind shown, love that they are made in Africa and each is unique.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Joy is a good thing to post about. In fact, I almost posted about joy, but this morning I didn't feel so joyous. Soon, I hope to find my joy again. It's just been one of those weeks.

anitamombanita said...

I love how you captured the detail in the rose petals. Just lovely. And the tree...jinormous and jungleicious!! heehee.

Lola said...

Great post and tree!

Visiting from Mrs Matlock’s,
Look forward to *seeing* you again,

Have a great Alphabe-Thursday

Sue said...

Yep, all of these things bring me joy. For sure.


CoffeeQueen said...

Very colorful basket shot! Love the rose as well.

Betsy Grant said...

I see what you mean about the tree! The weekly music videos I make bring me joy.

jeannette said...

Reader Wil,
What a pleasant surprise -I didn't know you were on ABC's team!

Sorry I don't even know the name of this tree, so I have no base for referral:( Maybe show the pic to a gardener?

Thank you - still remembered my amazement when I saw that tree for the first time!

Was just thinking this week that people think they want "fun", but fun doesn't last -joy does:) Hope you catch and keep the joy!

Pieces of Sunshine,
This was at the Farmers market in Sacramento, but they were displayed as African baskets:)

Yes, they are colorful, aren't they?

So sorry, by the time I'm replying now, I hope you found your joy back!

You got me laughing with your made up words!

Thanks so much -isn't it a great meme?

Thank you, Friend!

Thank you and also for visiting here! - they are supposedly African baskets!

I I would have the ability to do it, that would give me joy too, but I do enjoy listening to it!!

Jenny said...

What a happy little jaunt through your joyous "j's".

I am always impressed by your lovely captures!

You are a jewel!

Loved visiting today.