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Thursday, January 26, 2012


For Midweek Blues  For Alphabe - K

Yesterday  the calender was marked as the 40th anniversary.
Forty years  ago we started in Berlin, our neighbor country.
Now we live across the ocean in subtropical California.

Many moons and even more sunsets have passed
most of them in fair weather
we tossed it to the wind that "everyone" we knew (except for one adult) 
said 40 years ago
we didn't fit, and it wouldn't last!*

nevertheless, we fulfilled many of our big dreams 
and even more of the little ones,
and our boat* proved to be a keeper!

I couldn't ask for anything more.


* reference to marriage
* the little rowboat Titanic


Karena said...

I love this posting! Really wonderful!

Art by Karena

Island Rambles Blog said...

that is a very clear reflection and great shot...thanks for sharing. congrats on the anniversary..40 years!

jewaicious said...

Great capture of colors and reflections, so lovely.

Rudee said...

Forty years? Congratulations on staying afloat!

Pretty Life Online said...

nice post for skywatch... Have a great weekend ahead!!! Hoping you can visit @ my little corner.

Rosie said...

What a lovely post and super photo. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary:)

DawnTreader said...

And I love that picture... The houses in the water and the boat on land ;) - very clever.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Nice shot with interesting composition, reflection.

Regards and best wishes

Gemma Wiseman said...

What a wonderful celebration post of your journey to a new life! Delightful reflection in the photo complements your thoughts!

Maple Lane said...

Congratulations! What a magnificent photo. Have a wonderful weekend.

NatureFootstep said...

cool reflection shot. :)

re my sky shot.
You are welcome to use it Jeanette. I would be very pleased if you let me see the result if you actually paint it. :)
The name of the lake is Duveholmssjön (Duveholm lake) and it is located in Katrineholm, Sweden. :)

jeannette said...

It took me a while, perusing your blog, that I discovered you've commented before here, but you grew your hair!! Very pretty:)

Island Rambles,
thanks so much! Something is wrong with my photoshop, so I edited this pic in Picasa, and I have to say the first one does a better job!

Thanks so much, and also for your visit here!

Id doesn't seem that long! Hubby kept reminiscing about 40 years, this day was...till I finally got it -yes, it really happened!

Pretty Life,
Thank so much and I'll do my best!

CameraCruise said...

Beautiful post and photo!
Have a great weekend.

Al said...

Great post and a nice shot. It's been over 30 years since I moved to the USA.

Marvin said...

Great photo. The colors and reflection are super. (I like the name of the little boat, too.)

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Valerie said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and for having the courage and persistence to chase your dream. Great posting - lovely colourful and evocative capture. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

forgetmenot said...

Congratulations! A beautiful photo to remind you of your 40 years. Love the colors in it. Mickie :)

Reena Walkling said...

That is an awesome photo!

Irene said...

Happy anniversary! It's a lovely shot. Nice reflections! Holland is a lovely country (my father grew up in Amersfoort), but the California weather is greater :o)

Happy Sunday!

Groetjes Irene Romkes Horgen

Kateri said...

I totally love the picture with the little boat, green algae, and upside down yellow houses. 40 years together--congratulations!


40!!! Bud and I will be together for 44 yrs this May ---you and I and our mates are a breed apart from the rest of the just don't see this happening much in today's times. And the image you've chosen...another wow...both the reflection and your 40 years shows steadfast ability of survival [and love] with the strength to carry on for many more years.

My Monday Post if you'd like to stop by to

jeannette said...

Thank you so much on both accounts!

Thank you! Maybe I've been looking too much at how James from Weekend Reflection does his photos:)

Thanks so much, Tatjana! Those details coming from you I'll take as a compliment:):)

Since I was young when married, no telling how it would have turned out if I hadn't! Thank you:)

Thanks so much -had a great one! Have a happy week:)

Thank you so much for your permission and the info. about the lake! Of course, when it turns out well, I'll post it and will alert you then.

Camera Cruise,
Thank you, Friend! Hope you have a great week!

Thank you! And I realize I wasn't clear in my post, so I put the little footnotes on the bottom:)

You're the first one who mentions the name of the boat -not every Titanic sinks:)

That marriage, was only one of my daring acts! And obviously I have no regrets! Your blog was a pleasure to visit!

Half a year ago, I had planned on a get together, but since I'm spread over two continents, it was too much work to organize...maybe with 50?

So jazzed I got to "meet" you -maybe now I'll come more to my wordpress blog:)

Interesting about your father, I always thought there was something Dutch about you! Maybe your artistic bent on your blog and your first name? Haha, your dad taught you how to greet in Dutch:)

Thank you, and also for your visit! Am curious what the name Kateri means?

Thank you, thank you! A good marriage should keep one young -and that's the rich benefit!

wifetoalineman02 said...

beautiful up side down house, loved it :-) visiting from MYM, hope that you can return the visit too.

Mel Cole said...

amazing, i love the concept and that its natural. :) My "A" for ABC Wednesday.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Opposite's attract, that's why they stay together, congratulations! A lovely photo, the colors are great, the reflection, perfect!

Leah H. said...

I like the reflection. Beautiful shot!

Visiting for MYM! Hope you can stop by:)

LadyD said...

I love this one! Wonderful reflection.

Rebecca said...

Wow, that is a neat shot.

jeannette said...

Thanks so much! Have a great weekend:)

Mel Cole,
Thank you for catching it (the concept) and also for visiting here!

Thank you! From such a great photographer like you, I absolutely enjoy the compliment!

Thanks so much! Have a great weekend!

Lady D,
Thank so much, D.!

Once in a while, I can concentrate enough to plan a good shot, lol!

Pierre BOYER said...

J'aime beaucoup le nom du petit bateau : "Titanic2"
J'aime aussi l'effet "renversant" du reflet des bâtiments dans l'eau....
Belle journée,