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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


For Ruby Tuesday2
Our World

We don't have to drive far to go to San Diego, to relax an afternoon 
and go the Balboa Park, Old Town, or Seashore Village. 
The building styles have a strong Spanish and Mexican influence. 
And if I want to I can walk into Tijuana (TJ) on Mexican ground.

Whenever we go, I pack a small watercolor sketchbook, 3 brushes 
and a small palette in my purse. With a cup of coffee I did this one.
You might know artists are not too organized - I can't find the pic, 
so I'm posting my watercolor:):)

Never quite had the courage to go further with the red on the roof. 
You probably can imagine red watercolor would be quite hard to erase, 
and the paper might get damaged.

So I had this idea to do the pic of my watercolor in photo shop and try it out here. 

Is it a go, or not?



namaki said...

this is a nice aquarel !

beagleAnnie said...

I love the contrast of red roof and small violet flowers. So gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing the next progress.

Stephanie V said...

I actually prefer the first one. I like the delicacy that the white space brings. The laciness of the branches plays into that delicacy as well.
The red roof-line reminds me of redwork embroidery.

Rudee said...

Yes. It's a beautiful, Go!

Leah H. said...

I would say "GO" for it:)

Visiting for Ruby Tuesdays 2! Hope you can stop by:)

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such delightful, whimsical flower detail highlighted well with a little Photoshop!

jeannette said...

Since I visited your blog, I know you're French speaking - watercolors are in the USA much more prominent than Eur. HAve seen here so many beautiful ones, that I decided to try it out:)

Thank you Annie! Does this mean, that it's a go for you?

The way you talk makes me think that you have some painter friends? (a more rethorical question:):) ) Thanks for your input!

As far as I know you, I had expected "a go" from you, since you often choose bright colors the clothes you knit for yourself:)

Well, that's clear:) Thanks for your input! Happy MYM!

Dianne said...

I love the first one ....very pretty with the sprays of delicate violet flowers and that elegant lamp ... you have captured a very elegant and intricate wrought iron gate. I like it a lot!

Lochinver Daily Photo said...

It looks good to me.

Kara said...


Jenny said...

This is beautiful. I love the idea of carrying a watercolor sketchbook. I think I'm going to adopt this idea!

jeannette said...

Thanks so much, and also for visiting here!

This was the way I painted and sketched in my teen years, and finally made a place for it again in my life!

Thanks so much, happy to have caught up with you again!

Started doing that after spending trips- on our day off- to an art supply store! Eventually finish at home what caught my eye in the fist place:)

Short poems said...

So gorgeous, love it :)