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Friday, April 13, 2012


Thanks to all the hosts!

One of the old Mission towns with quirky building styles

This house somehow looks very mysterious to me. 
 It reminds me of  a Siamese twin. Or a house in a fairy tale 
of the brothers Grimm.
Where does it remind you of?
the gate is the only part painted blue, 
but the fence is left white. 
Or the other way around?
Hmm, the bird house is above a window, 
possibly a bedroom window?

What I didn't see in the colored version
is that the blinds in the window next to the door
are only open in the middle....
it leaves one to wonder if they made themselves 
a peephole so they can see visitors,
Oh, and the screen door is open ...
If there would be a plot for a story, 
this is where the plot would thicken


Even though we saw the house in bright daylight,
it seems to have some connection to the night.
 "Nocturnal at Noon" came to me.

We passed this house in March.
 My guess is that the balls are there to stay year round?
Have the feeling that if I enter the front door,
 I'll hear bells  ringing
kettles whistling,
cows mooing,
or I don't know what else....

So what is your guess?



Tina´s PicStory said...

really lovely :)

king abdaoe said...

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Jan n Jer said...

Very mysterious house. I would love to go inside or meet whoever is living there. I love all the gingerbread trim along the roof lines.

Gattina said...

The roof made me think of a chinese house, but then at a closer look I am not sure anymore. But it looks cute !

Jenny said...

Oooh, I love a good mystery. Go up and knock on the door!

I double dog dare ya!

Tell 'em you like their house and let's see what the story really is!

This was a terrific post. I love your sense of whimsy and wonder.


jeannette said...

Thank you so much!Have a great weekend!

Kind Abdaoe,
Thank you for visiting her!.
Visited your blog, but since I didn't see a translation widget I couldn't discover what it was about and also I couldn't see pics. Later I saw a notice on top that I missed the social plug-ins to see everything -Sorry!

Jan and Jer,
I love mysteries like this:) Thanks for visiting!

You are right, I have seen Chinese houses like this kind of trim (but red in color) - but they don't have "Christmas balls" (if that is what they are - hanging.

I go if you go with me! Who knows Bigfoot lives in there (laughing).
Thanks for the A+++ :):)

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

It reminds me of something from a fairy tale.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

It reminds me of something from the Brother Grimm.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Cool find. Looks like classic California eclectic to me!

Kim, USA said...

I have a neighbor whose house has this kind of design. It's different but beautiful!

Kim, USA

Marie said...

It's like a wonderful gingerbread house! Great views!

Faye said...

I think an artist lives here. And someone who enjoys found objects. That's the wonderful thing about fences--they tell a story.

ladyfi said...

Such pretty houses!

Dragonstar said...

Looks good in black and white.

Stephanie V said...

Siamese Twins! Great desscription. I love the splashes of turquoise which seem almost random. The trim reminds me of some that is left on our older houses in downtown Vancouver that were built in the 1880's.

NatureFootstep said...

an interesting house indeed.

Beth said...

i'm curious. why will you comment be deleted if you are not a blogger? i love the house & picket white fence. beautiful! (:

Sallie ( said...

I think it's the home of an enchanted princess just waiting for the right prince to come along and rescue her (she's peeking out of the shades, hoping to spot him).

Or else (and probably really) it's the home of an artist or writer -- someone creative.

jeannette said...

I really admire your photography -and I wonder how you would have taken a shot of this house!

Grandma Barb
I'm with you:) Thank you for visiting here!

Spare parts,
Yeah, that's a great description!!

Then you mus live in a neighborhood where neighbors still greet each other?

Yes, it has that look, doesn't it? Thanks for visiting here!

There's a good chance of that! I would LIKE to have a house like that, but somehow we always end up in a more functional home!

Hope you realize it's the same (one) house:) Wow, with the number of comments you have, you must be a long time behind your computer!
Jesh from FB

Thank you! And also for visiting here:)

Wow, that's old! Since San Capistrano is a Mission town, it is a very old town.

The decorative side of this house I've never seen in Holland (my country of origin.... what about where you live?

Seeing your blog, I know you like white picket fences:):) About the deleting of non-blogger comments , I addressed on your blog.

I can see you're a fan of fairy tales:) My own guess that the owner is someone who thinks outside the box! (and has the funds to follow his/her likes!)

Ebie said...

Its a cute "cottage-like" charming house. I love the artistic details on the eaves of the roof.

A mix-and-match colored gate,unique!

Halcyon said...

I'm sure they keep the decorations up year round. It looks like a festive place to me. I imagine the person who lives there to be an artist or something! I'd love to be invited inside. :)

bettyl said...

I love to explore places such as this! The intricate work on the eaves is awesome.

Roger Owen Green said...

definitely rural
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Kate said...

Fun comparison.

VioletSky said...

I am imagining this owner to be a bit flighty and indecisive. and impulsive. and quite possibly alone.

Annie said...

It's a fairy tale cottage, for sure. I love it!

Scriptor Senex said...

I think your idea of The Brothers Grimm can't be beaten!

Carol said...

Looks like a gingerbread house was my first thought! So unusual but cute. Love your narrative.

chubskulit said...

Very Neat!

Nursing to Nuclear Medicine
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Rebecca said...

You had me at a Grimm Fairy Tale house and I am sticking with it!

Betsy Grant said...

There is no end to people's creativity! Fascinating picture...

jeannette said...

I was jazzed when we ran into this house (figuratively). Thanks for visiting here:)

Wow, you have a strong psycho-analytic streak! (it's a compliment)

Thank you Aniie, and also for visiting here!

You settled it for me, Scriptor! (laughing)

Thank you! Glad you like the narrative -asking questions is my thing:)

Thanks so much for visiting here!

There should be a new fairy tale out then from the Brothers Grimm:):)

Creative it for sure is! Have a great rest of the week, Betsy!

Dianne said...

beautiful house in its own odd way
I love the blue gate and the double facade
enchanted cottage?

Gemma Wiseman said...

Fascinating house style, like no other I have seen! It suggests a sense of extrovert privacy! Maybe its the deep shadows cast by the roof line combined with the blinds!

VBR said...

Isn't it interesting to see how much an image in color and same in black and white can be so different. I enjoyed reading and looking through

jeannette said...

I agree, it is beautiful and enchanted:)

Your expression of extravert privacy made me smile:)

How do I know you are or aren't a blogger? See my comment above - so, please leave your blog url or email -thanks!

Nita Davis said...

Wonderful capture. This is most definitely an intriguing little cottage. I have to agree it looks straight out of a Brother's Grim tale. I am new to your blog so don't know if you like to write stories, but these sure are inspiring images. If it is alright with you I would love to try my hand at it and barrow (of course giving you credit and linkback) one or two of your shots for the story. Just let me know if it is ok. Nita @

NixBlog said...

It's a great looking house, but the turquoise-painted trim is what grabbed my attention. It's such a vibrant colour and is set off so well by the earthy tones of the house. It could very well be a setting for a mystery movie.

Laloofah said...

What a whimsical, evocative cottage! It does seem to be dichotomous - I get both a feeling of friendly charm and of almost sinister mystery (like, as you say, from a Brothers Grimm fairytale!) And it seems to have a nocturnal personality though you photographed it on a sunny day. I'd love to know more about it and the people who live there, and to see how it looks at night!

jeannette said...

Happy that this is inspirational to you! And thanks for visiting. Go ahead, as long as you mention my name for the photo -thank you!

Yes, the trim also caught my attention:)In the States some people leave their Xmas decoration on all year, but it might be intriguing for people from other countries.

When i photographed it, I had no idea that it would speak to so many people:) Thanks for visiting here!