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Saturday, April 21, 2012


For Midweek Blues   For ABC - On the Shadow Side   For Alphabe W
For Black and White Weekend

(Sorry Alphabe readers - I go by Jeannette St.G for this blog!)
This is a street in a little town called Wijk bij Duurstede in the Netherlands. 
W for Alphabe -
The street leads up to a castle ( in the province Utrecht
in the middle of the country). Remember from your history lessons 
that the castle owners used to have servants 
and farmers living around the castle to supply the the nobility with food, etc. 
This town makes that previous life style very obvious.

 (the "ij" in Wijk is a peculiar sound where non-Dutch struggle with. It sounds 
somewhat as in the word  "like" if an Irish person would pronounce it. 
Sorry I can't come closer than that for pronunciation!) 

Walk to the Castle in Wijk bij Duurstede, Netherlands

Behind glass
I saw this man
wandering, or?
on the shadow side
to be less inconspicuous
he left the bench after
I saw him waiting
 for hours

was he just taking a walk
with nothing to do
or did someone 
stand him up?
a lonely feeling arises
or abandoned
deeply disappointed
where will he go now

will he be someone I saw 
once and vanishes
or will his image
come back in my dreams
or waking hours
 when heat simmers
and I look from behind
the looking glass?



Valerie said...

I like this misty shot, especially the lamp posts! Thanks for sharing.
(hopefully the walker's perceived disappointment soon turns to joy)

beagleAnnie said...

Love this romantic post.
Have a great weekend.

Joyful said...

I know that feeling of sitting and waiting for a long time for someone who doesn't show up. These days I don't wait long for people like that.

I enjoyed your poetic thoughts and photo.

Stephanie V said...

Maybe he's just staying cool on the shady side of the street? Your poem really opens up another perspective - quite different to my rather unromantic thought.

Sallie ( said...

I love the shot and the poem -- makes me think -- thank you!

NixBlog said...

Beautiful post, both words and photo!

Molly said...

We do indeed seem to be sharing a title but as you said very different subject matters.


Liz said...

beautiful post! Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC

jeannette said...

it's a modern end...I don't know! Joking! Thanks, Valerie, have a great week!

I am fortunate that there is a feature of "glass" structure in photoshop (to make it more romantic)!

In graduate school, we gave our profs 10 minutes, then people started leaving. But I give a greater leave way for my friends from other cultures to half an hour -then I phone them:)

Am not sure what you were thinking (don't have to tell:) ), but this pic gave me the feeling of someone disappointed walking away, from waiting a long time.

Thank you Sallie, Yeah...I'm one of those thinkers myself! Have a great week!

Thanks Nick! Since you're a teacher, I'm curious what your view is about the "feeling" that the pic gives you?

Thank you for stopping by! Isn't it interesting... the same word, but what the association of the word brings!

Thank you! and have a great week!

LadyD said...

Beautiful composition and intriguing thoughts. Curious minds want to know more!


Beautiful!!! Such romance, such wonderful perspective. I can almost hear a faint, in the distance, clop clop clop of a horse and carriage coming near to take me to my prince.

ladyfi said...

A lovely dreamy shot!

Leah H. said...

A man in Yellow shirt, cool!

Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by:)

Wendy Sice said...

Kind of spooky! Love the lamppost especially. :)

Reader Wil said...

Een mooie foto! Soms ontmoet je mensen die je bij blijven. Je kunt ze niet vergeten. Daarom vind ik het gedichtje ook zo goed. De foto lijkt wel genomen in een nederlands straatje.

Unknown Mami said...

Beautiful, thoughtful, and haunting. The image and words work so well together and leave quite an impression.

Roger Owen Green said...

shadowy but charming
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

chubskulit said...


O is for....
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Emille said...

Lady D.,
Not everyone can handle it, lol! Once I was told that I had so many questions!

H. Anni,
Thank you:) -wow you love romance!

Lady Fi,
Thank you, Fiona! Have a great rest of the week! Jesh

Thank you! The yellow blended into what I wanted to convey:)

Look again and you'll see a whole row of lamp posts:)

Reader Wil,
You are a good observer! This is the street leading up to the castle of Wijk by Duurstede!

Unknown Mami,
Thank you for visiting here too:):)
If you got that from the image and the words, I have reached my goal!

Thank you! The inspiration was how the ahade made that side of the street look so different!

Thank you! Have a great week:)

EG CameraGirl said...

A haunting street scene, at least to my eyes.

Rebecca said...

Nice effect on the shot. And nice poem too.

Gordon said...

A creative thought provoking post; lovely.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Lovely! Love the pic, love the words...

Judie said...

Great photo and a wonderful piece of writing. If I were the teacher, I would give you an A+!!!

Genie said...

This capture is such a lovely one with its muted coloration. Love the old street lamp in the foreground. It catches you eye right off the bat. Lovely photography work. genie

MamaTim said...

Lovely poem. It reminds me that we are another person thru someone else's looking glass. Great photo too :)

Mar said...

Beautiful words and pictures!!

Kara said...

Very nice.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Now I want to know the answers to all your questions.

Tracy said...

That made me think something so simple but though provoking

Sue said...

Wonderful photo, and I agree with your interpretation of it.

Whatever you did to get that texture is really cool, too.


anitamombanita said...

Love this. It looks like a very soft painting. Thanks for stopping by. I'm still in Patagonia so I'm way behind on blog reading but will get caught up once we return home. Meanwhile, have a great week.

Dianne said...

beautiful drama and romance

Marie said...

Wonderful post! The poem was delightful and the photo so very nice. Thanks for the info on the pronunciation, too!

jeannette said...

EG Camera Girl,
The effect of the glass makes it mysterious,to enhance the actual shot for my text:)

I filtered the pic with "glass" from photoshop, to fabricate from looking from a window:)

Thank you! also for visiting here! Have a great weekend:)

Rocky Mountain Woman,
Thank you! You must like poetry too then?

Thank you for the encouragement Judie! Right now I'm "practicing" writing as much as I can -just to get better at it:


Braggin' Rights Bath & Spa said...

Very thought provoking... Your pictures are lovely, would love to visit the Netherlands!

jeannette said...

Thank you! That whole row of streetlamps were one of the reasons I wanted to get the view of the street:)

Mama Tim,
Thank you:) It was a post about a person looking from the inside out. Thank you for visiting here.

Thank you! and also for visiting here:)

Love your name! Thank you for visiting here:)

Thank you, Friend! It's supposed to be a modern poem -you end up with the guestions, not with the answers:):)

Thank you, that's a great compliment! Have a great upcoming week!

Thank you! I put it in photoshop, and the filter is "glass."

Am excited to have you back home, because that means pics from Patagonia! Hope you're trip is/was great!

Thank you! - this kind of drama and romance I like:):)

Thank you, and also for visiting here:) I wanted the readers to know that it's one and not 2 sounds (would be impossible to pronounce! giggle)

Bragging Rights,
Thank you! And also for visiting here! If you go, go around end of April to see all the tulips blooming:)

Jenny said...

What a Wonderfully imaginative post for the letter W.

I love the mystery behind that photograph...

Thanks for linking.


Irene said...

Great street shot! Like both versions!

Dragonstar said...

Very attractive street scene.

Prem said...

I've also lived in Netherlands specifically A'dam for a year or so, haven't been to a lot of cities there. I wish I did. Maybe a reason to go visit some family and friends. :D thanks for following. Nice meeting you.