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Friday, May 28, 2010


By the time I received my doctorate I had painted enough watercolors and acrylics to hold my first solo show. This became the star piece. People were most intrigued by this painting. You can tell it's a very different style than I'm painting now.  
Closer to the abstract. Focused more on the meaning and significance of the subject than the actual result. Boy, I need to get back to that and dig deeper within myself! I did not paint in oil yet.

©  Dance of Life, Watercolor, St.Germain

Just for the sake of repetition: when I came to the USA in the second half of the eighties, watercolors were in Holland my home country considered as a preparation for an oil painting. Watercolor hardly had a right back then as a separate painting medium. Fortunately things have changed by now. For me to do this  was a definite turn in my view of art.

They are dancing in a cave on the rocks. I thought that it looks interesting in black and white, also because it focuses on the movement, more than on the colors.
Tell me, which one you like better, the black and white, or the colored version...(on ART NOTES - click on top gadget of right side bar)
The crystals in the ceiling part of the cave are obtained by sprinkling Epson salt on the watercolor, before it dries up. 
The rocks are painted in the form of a sea creature. It symbolizes change through the generations. Each generation is dancing their own dance. 
When you hop over to ART NOTES you'll see all of it with the real colors.
TWO dances are going you see it?

*NOTE: today I'm leaving for a weekend with 2 of my kids and their families up I'll be back on Tuesday to answer your comments!
Have an enjoyable  Memorial weekend, bloggie friends!


Stephanie V said...

There are shadow dancers, too! Very ancestors dancing with the living. The b/w reinforces this idea for me as the color makes the 'living' dancers the focus. But the color painting has so much life and energy. Hard to choose.
I like the way the dancers in the b/w version look like a paper cutout.

Beth Niquette said...

This is such an exquisite painting. It fills my eyes, which is the greatest compliment I can give.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love that painting Jeannette.

Whitemist said...

To me, each says something different, the black and white becomes more mystical, the cave aspects more pronounced. The color print emphasizes the "life" part of the painting.
It is a shame Holland had such a perception of water color, although i think many in this country think of it as "child's play" rather than art. It does have a rich history, in this country that history goes back to the 1800's~

Clytie said...

What a wonderful work. I love it's title! And I have to agree with everything Whitemist said ...

DawnTreader said...

Interesting. I like the black-and-white, I think it sort of enhances the dreamy/subconscious theme. But I like the colours too. And I always liked water colour. I find it hard to see water colour as preparation for oil painting since there is quite a difference in technique.

Mary Ann said...

This is an interesting image, and I'm so glad you shared a bit of the context behind it.

jeannette said...

Yes, one of the ideas presented is that in a way the ancestor's dance is part of our dance too.
I know, it's hard to choose, after I changed to colored version into black and white - I could see some of the same strengths and disadvantages to each!

Thank you friend! You are always so kind. Hope you had a great weekend:)

For a poet like you, I could see that this one stirs up your imagination:)

Indeed, the color emphasizes life! And the gray the mystic cast of the cave. That is why I love traveling across cultures, one's horizon gets wider and wider!

Thank you, Clytie! One thing I know, I never would have painted this watercolor if I had not immersed myself in the American culture!

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly, watercolor is such a different technique. And one can achieve such different effects with watercolor, one never could reach with oil!!

Mary Ann,
Thank you! It seems important and enlightening for people to know what is "behind' the painting.

Lynette said...

The Dance of Life, Jeannette, I think you captured this so perfectly and beautifully and your painting touched my soul and says it all!

matthew houskeeper said...

This reminds me a little bit of a Keith Haring painting. That was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw this

Doowmée said...

Hey Jeanette, I like both, but in this case I prefer black and white than the colored version. There is something tender and savage in this dance. It resembles the prehistoric paintings I like a lot, they had already invented everything ? Have you not tested the blood (sanguine). These warm colors of pigment from the earth and rust that should make something else, really interresting.

Sorry for my English, I do not practice for a while then ...

Now, I answer the question on my blog :

It is on wood panels! It's easier on the wood on canvas, is not it. I wonder how I made the frame if the top was canvas? I also understand how things work between each other. But in this case, I assume that the achievement would have been really difficult. But I'll think about it ... :)

Cezar and Léia said...

"...And those who were seen dancing were judged insane by those who could not hear the music."
___Friedrich Nietzsche____

I like colours and those in your Art Notes are fabulous.But I also like this feeling here, it's a sensation that I can go on with my imagination and put "my colours and feelings" to be part of the art.
I mean your art open doors inside my mind...thanks so much!
I hope you have enjoyed a lot your time with your family.