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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hop over to hubby's blog
it sounds like me, it looks like me,
because I used one of his pics  (the one above) 
for my header a while ago:).  
I started it for him,  so he can show his pics,
but you'll see, he'll soon will get his own personality in there!
I think his specialty is 
night photography and flowers
Have a great week bloggie friends!


Twain12 said...

hopping right on over :), i love pictures

Sam Liu said...

I shall pay him a visit immediately, thank you for the wonderful recommendation :)

jeannette said...

Thank you Friend!

He'll be happy you visited!

Gaston Studio said...

Beautiful photos of a gorgeous bottlebrush plant.

Elizabeth said...

Loved your husband's photo above.
Re the post below. I have met several bloggers in real life --and have discovered that their blogs reflect them pretty accurately. We tune in to bloggers who share our sensibilities, I think.

Re Morocco, I'm going to teach a writing workshop there in February at Peacock Pavilions a friend's house.
see the blog MYMarrakesh (you can goolge it)
Can you believe they demolished the little house -- so now it is a complete dream.......

Maha said...

re: you were on jo's (A Majority of Two) blogroll and i checked your blog out and loved it immediately :)

Nicky S (Absolute Vanilla) said...

Yep, lovely pics, and have very much enjoyed having a mooch around your blogs! Very, very much liked your art!

jeannette said...

Yeah, isn't it a beautiful pic! Thanks for the blog hop:) I told him to be nice to my blog friends (grin)

Oh no, Elizabeth
how sad that that little house is gone now! Luckily you still have the pics of it.

Wish Morocco was close by -I happen to need a writers workshop, only I'm dragging my heels )writing a dissertation is different than writing a book).

Glad to keep hearing that bloggers are representative of their blog:) And thanks for the "follow"!

Forgot if I thanked you for the "follow!"
Saw on your profile that you live in Egypt...but your English is flawless (and you write better than I do! English must be your first language, or?

Thanks so much, Nicky! Glad you enjoyed my art, as I do yours:)

Rebecca said...

I love the header photo. I'll visit hubby's blog...maybe he can tutor me in night photography.