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Monday, May 02, 2011


 Because these is (are) a such significant event (s) to me that I post MIDWEEK BLUES, WATERY WEDNESDAY, SKY WATCH and WEEKEND REFLECTION
AT THE END of this post.

With the interruption of the news yesterday night of Bin Laden been killed, is there a new wind blowing? Is this the event a new current that will force politics to go a different direction?
Whereas the day before we saw all these images on our day relaxing in San Diego, I use them today to see if all these pieces of the puzzle could fit together - just a reassurance for you who have never read my rambles. It's merely that, no more (so you don't have to call 911 yet:)  )

A strong breeze -great for sailing -we saw many  who took advantage of the wind today -they took a new trip and sailed away. We, as two couples, representing South Africa, England, Holland and Indonesia,  wondering why we are still here in America (altogether 5 main continents!) watching this convergence of events taking place. How symbolic!
these events all taking place in a matter of days:
  • wedding of a royal with a commoner
  • death of Mr. Evil
  • speech of Obama
I shudder to think that O. represents America, for I have grown to love this country. It does not mean that I am blind though.
His eyes were cold  (no compassion, no sadness, no gladness)
His voice very controlled  (a man for which a task overrules relationships -he'll do ANYthing to get a job done)
What more than once was said, "Under MY direction"- hmmm, smug? motives in my book supersede brilliance.

Of course, I KNOW that part of this is politics, not to incite people either way, but for me as a psychologist alarms go off when people have the ability to separate themselves totally from emotions and make sweeping speeches. What mental disorder is that again?
(Sweeping speeches are nice, but it needs to be put in the framework of the person! It can be good, it can be bad, or it can be just words)

Enough wind to get this huge kite off the ground.
Will many colored strands of religion and politics lift off together?
Is the death of mr. Evil taking one more barrier away for
an even bigger evil (in my view), named world religion?
Time will tell, lol.
You don't have to react to any of my ramble, and just enjoy the pics:):)

 Just to remind you, I'm working on two huge projects, so I won't have the time to reply on your comments, but I'll stlil like to participate in Midweek Blues, hosted by Rebecca, Watery Wednesday, hosted by 2sweetnsaxy, Skywatch on Friday, hosted by Skyley, and Weekend Reflections hosted by James.  Thank you guys for organizing it for us!

For Watery Wednesday the Pond at Seashore Village - a must when you see San Diego -the cutest hat shop, many eating places, right by the water of the harbor the blue parasol and someone's blue shirt for Midweek Blues, and my favorite place to drink coffee or something else, Upstart Crow, which is also a book store.
The 4th bird is more easily seen in the pic below

Oh, trees growing in the restaurant:)

Since the skies of the pics above are rather unspectacular, another view of the city, not too far from Seashore Village. For Sky Watch



Rudee said...

That kite is enormous and beautiful.

I will say, not reacting, just thinking differently, that the president was taking responsibility for the decision, not the glory. If you listen to the military pundits, it was a gutsy decision. That's the way I perceived him.

You can't say we don't live in interesting times.

Stephanie V said...

And now that Canada's election has also responded to those 'winds of change' I agree that there's something in the air. Or in the water. Maybe both.

I got a bit of that 'smug' feeling, too. But, as you say: it's politics.

DawnTreader said...

I like your pictures, especially the kite. There certainly have been a lot of winds blowing lately - both figuratively and literally. With some of them not easy to say if we've seen the worst of it, or if it's just a warning of more to come! Sometimes it seems to me that the really strange thing is that there are still moments of peace and beauty among all the chaos.

Betsy Grant said...

Lovely pics. I can't help but think of the words to John Lennon's song "Imagine" "no religion too...nothing to kill or die for" in relation to terrorism. The problem is religion can't force a person to open their heart to love...

J Bar said...

Beautiful shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

fjällripan said...

Beautiful photos! I especially liked the ones with the pigeons :)

Angie Muresan said...

The world of politics is a strange one to me.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Love the seashore village photos best.

My Watery Photo link:

Beach're invited

Fotokarusellen said...

A great post and some very beautiful images. Well done!

Rebecca said...

I love the kite photo. It is the biggest kite I think I have ever seen!

Dianne said...

I think President Obama needed to show control since any sign of emotion would just set off his vile critics
he started out as a thoughtful, calm, open man and that has done nothing but bring him grief from the "other side"

I love your photos
the sailboat is especially pretty

Jim said...

That looks like a nice fun kite, Jeannette. We must get us a kite for KP (our grand-daughter) as she'll be back in July. She is two and lives in London.

Obama needed tell it too many times but Osama was killed under his watch. Better than any of the others although I do believe they tried somewhat. They caught the Dickens when he wasn't caught and I am sure Obama did not want that for him on his watch. He is very thorough.
Like Dianne said, there are EVIL PEOPLE in this world out for him.

Happy MW Blues. Since you won't be seeing my blog, a couple of words from it:
1. There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:
3. a time to kill and a time to heal,

Happy MW Blues again. I liked your other pictures too!

chubskulit said...

beautiful captures!

Watery Wednesday at my page, come and see please?

Woody said...

I prefer to avoid discussing religion and politics and stick with photography. San Diego has a lot of neat places to visit!

jeannette said...

Thank you! -I respect everyone's opinion -especially of my regular blog friends:)

Saw your post about Canada's election - isn't it weird when you discover most of the ones you know have a different opinion than you have? It's a skill to present it objectively!

I so agree with you -I feel both -the change AND peace about it. Your guess is as good as mine, whether we had the worst, or it's still to come!

Very well said, you can't force someone to love!

J Bar,
Thank you, Friend!

Thank you! I was surprised the pigeons allowed me several pics of them!:)

Oh, you're right on that one! I mostly take a neutral stance, but I couldn't let this one go by!

Thank you for the invite -I came, and forgot to leave a comment:)

Thank you -curious for your opinion about the politics, since you've traveled to much!

Yes, the biggest I've seen too.
Have a question: what are the rules of Midweek Blues, one pic per blog, or one pic per person to post on Wed.?

Thank you! I have a slightly different view about O. I remember when I lived in Holland that the Americans always had a totally different view on their (then) president than the Dutch had (maybe having to do with how the Dutch media presented him?)

Than you! Whatever my opinion is, I can certainly join you in my wish too that this is a time to heal!

Thank you, for visiting!

I mostly avoid politics too -so hard to gauge what is truth and what not!!! -it mostly makes me throw up my hands in frustration and do what you do: photography for you, paint for me!

San Diego has a lot more character than Los Angeles (as I know it).

Ebie said...

Ms, J, this is a huge kite and so colorful!

It is nothing compared to the kite festival in Huntington beach.

Enjoy your projects and have a great Mother's Day Weekend!

snowwhite said...

Oh, the restaurant where tree is growing is amazing. I hope to visit and have a lunch there someday.

I'm Japanese. Generally speaking, we are not religious, but in our blood still nature worship is alive whether we recognize it or not. All I can say is if religion makes people hate and fight against each other, we do not need religion.

Have a great weekend.

Shirley said...

Comments aside, I love your watery reflections photos. Interesting events, for sure.

'Tsuki said...

Nice sharing !

Whitemist said...

I can not truely seperate my emotional self from that that is analytical (I once did that to the destruction of the emotional side). Tho i will say my analytical side "carried me" through days and weeks, while the rest of me suffered...some times seemingly bad things create positive.

NatureFootstep said...

lol, I think you got most of the memes. Your world seem to be a good one :)

Icy BC said...

Beautiful photos, Jeanette, and have fun working on your project!

I won't mention politic or religion here, but your voice echoes many people's opinion that I know!

James said...

That looks and sounds like a great day!

"I shudder to think that O. represents America" Me too!